George R. Hill

Phone: (646) 312- 4051

Location: VC 7229

George R. Hill (PhD, New York University) is Associate Professor of Music at Baruch College. He is a musicologist with research interests in the indexing of collected editions and monuments, conflicting attributions, enumerative bibliography, and the 18th-century symphony. He is co-author of Collected Editions, Historical Series & Sets, and Monuments of Music: A Bibliography (Fallen Leaf Press, 1997). He is a contributing editor to Notes, Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association and contributor to Bach Perspectives 2: J. S. Bach, the Breitkopfs, and the Eighteenth-Century Music Trade (University of Nebraska Press, 1996). He has published six books and major editions of music, as well as articles in The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, The Musical Quarterly, Notes, and The Organ Yearbook.

He is a member, and formerly Secretary of the Board of Directors, of the Music Library Association, and a reviewer for the National Endowment for the Humanities. He is President of the James Adrian Music Company, a not-for-profit corporation that makes available index records of printed music contained in scholarly editions. At this writing (September 2004) the database contains more than 230,000 records as well as a name authority file of more than 15,000 names.

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