Non-Arts and Science Courses

The following list contains courses defined as non-liberal arts courses. No courses from this list can be used to satisfy the 90-credit liberal arts and sciences requirement at the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences.

  • ART 3059, ART 5010, ART 5011, Art Studio Elective
  • COM 4059
  • CSE (Consumer Education)
  • ECO 5010 and ECO 5011
  • All Education courses except EDU 1101, EDU 3001, EDU 3002, IDC/EDU 5210, IDC/EDU 5220, IDC/EDU 5230, IDC/EDU 5240
  • FPA 5070 and FPA 5071 (Fine and Performing Arts)
  • HCA (Health Care Administration)
  • HED 1810, HED 2920, and all Physical Education courses
  • IST 3012 (Library)
  • Law courses except LAW 1011, LAW 1012, LAW 3122, LAW 4900, and LAW 4905
  • Military service credits
  • MSC 2061-MSC 2064, MSC 5050, MSC 5051, and Music Studio elective
  • PAF 5452
  • All PUB courses except PUB 1250
  • All statistics courses except STA 2000 and STA 2100
  • THE 3046, THE 3056, and Theatre studio elective
  • Work-study or business experience in any areas
  • Credits listed as business, non-arts and sciences, professional electives, remedial electives, and/or credits listed as "elective" without any additional designation on transfer evaluation
  • All courses in the following disciplines: accountancy (ACC), computer information systems (CIS), finance (FIN), insurance (INS), business policy (BPL), management (MGT), business (BUS), marketing (MKT), operations research (OPR), and real estate (REA)

Questions about the non-liberal arts courses, business courses, and free electives should be directed to an advisor prior to registration.


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