Prof. Seymour SchulmanSeymour Schulman

General Biology and Developmental Biology

Phone: (646) 660-6204
Location: Rm 906C, 17 Lexington Avenue


Seymour Schulman, Ph.D., New York University (Developmental Biology), investigates the mechanisms by which malaria parasites invade red blood cells and grow. Research is conducted at Montefiore Hospital, Albert Einstein College of Medicine. His articles are published in journals of hematology and parasitology. Prof. Schulman has provided opportunities for students to work with him in the laboratory and has supervised honorsí projects. He is course coordinator of BIO 1005, and he received a grant for the Baruch College Fund to employ students as assistants in introductory cours laboratories.


"The World Health Organization estimates that 200 million cases of malaria occur each year. Although very few cases occur in the United States, I originally became interested in how the malaria parasite invades the cells of the human host. My research interests over the last few years have been to analyze biochemically how human abnormal red blood cells resist the growth of malaria when they are infected by the malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum, and to try to develop effective anti-malarial chemotherapy. With my colleagues, I have reported the inhibition of malarial growth in erythrocytes that have abnormal membrane proteins, abnormal hemoglobin or other genetic anomalies. We attempt to understand how these cells biochemically withstand malaria so that we may look for drugs that hopefully will interfere with the host-parasite relationship when normal cells are invaded by malaria."

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