Prof. Zhiqiang (John) Yu

Zhiqiang (John) Yu

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Location: VC 6-258


Professor John Yu (Ph.D. Washington University ) is an Associate Professor of Chinese who specializes in Chinese linguistics and cultures. Dr. Yu teaches all levels of Chinese courses at Baruch. He has published one book Optimization of Wu Dialect Classification (Fudan University Press, 2000) and several articles. Among his articles are “English Translation as a Tool in Solving Nominalization Problems in Classic Chinese” (Language Pedagogy and Linguistic Studies. Volume 5, pp. 63-8, 2001) and "On the Indefinite Objects in the Chinese ‘ba’ Construction" ( Linguistic and Language Studies.  The Central China University of Science and Technology); "Issues of Selecting Classificatory Features for the Wu Dialect Group" (Journal of Chinese Linguistics. Monograph No. 15, pp. 235–279); “Exploring the Methodology of Teaching Classical Chinese to Non-Native Students: the Particle ‘ye’ and Related Sentence Patterns” (Language Pedagogy and Linguistic Studies 2, pp. 96–107, 1998);  “Genetic Classification of the Danyang Dialect–A Transitional Case along the Border of the Chinese Wu Dialects” published in the Journal of the American Society of Geolinguistics.

In addition, Dr. Yu serves as the coordinator of the Chinese program at Baruch College and as an advisor to numerous students minoring in Chinese.

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