Prof. David Cruz de Jesus

David Cruz de Jesús

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Location: VC 6-259

David Cruz de Jesús is an Associate Professor of Spanish Language and Linguistics. He holds a B.A. in Spanish and Portuguese, an M.A. in Spanish and a Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics from The University at Albany, SUNY. He also received additional graduate training from the Instituto de Cooperación Iberoamericana and its Escuela de Investigación Lingüística y Literaria in Madrid, Spain. His areas of research, interests and publications are in the fields of Hispanic Linguistics, General Linguistics, Puerto Rican Dialectology and Lexicology, Heritage Language Education, Foreign Language Pedagogy, and Second Language Acquisition. 

In addition to publishing several articles on Puerto Rican Spanish and the teaching of Spanish to heritage speakers, Professor Cruz is the author of the book, Los indigenismos en el español de Puerto Rico:  Apreciaciones sobre su historia y vigencia (San Juan: Editorial Plaza Mayor, 2003).

As the Department’s Director of Spanish Language Instruction (since 1999), he has been involved in the training and supervision of adjunct professors and graduate students.  He also chairs the Spanish Curriculum Committee and currently serves on the departmental Executive Committee. 

He teaches language courses at all levels and linguistics courses such as: Hispanic Bilingualism, History of the Spanish Language, and Spanish Phonetics and Phonology.

Professor Cruz lives on Long Island with his wife, Elyhia and sons, Javier David and Carlos Iván.

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