Prof. Sarah Harney Sarah Harney


Phone: (646) 312-4474
Location: VC 6-286

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I received my mathematical training at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland.  Between my BSc and PhD degrees I spent 2 years working in the aerospace and defense industry as a Systems Analyst.  My PhD was in the area of Functional Analysis and used a fractional calculus approach in the solution of some partial differential equations.

I moved to the University of Alberta, Canada, as a post-doctoral research assistant and as a lecturer and then headed the Mathematics Resource Center there for a while. This is an institute somewhat like SACC here at Baruch and I enjoyed helping students with exam preparation, tutoring, and study skills. Over the years I have become increasingly interested in pedagogy and enjoy the challenge of integrating new technology into the teaching of traditional mathematics courses. 

One of the fascinations of teaching for me is the evolution of style and technique and the unique experience that each class brings. My aim is to set a tone of respect and empathy in the classroom always leavened by a sense of humor.

The City University of New York