Prof. Fred BuckleyFred Buckley

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Fred Buckley is Professor of Mathematics, specializing in Graph Theory and Combinatorics.  He received his Ph.D. in 1978 from City University of New York where he wrote a dissertation Ramsey Functions on Graphs under the guidance of Dr. Alan J. Hoffman of I.B.M.  Professor Buckley taught mathematics, physics, statistics, and computer science for four years at St. John’s University.  He has been teaching mathematics at Baruch College since 1982.

Professor Buckley coauthored three books: (with John C. Molluzzo) A First Course in Discrete Mathematics, Wadsworth (1986), Prindle, Weber & Schmidt (1993), and Waveland Press (1997); (with Frank Harary) Distance in Graphs, Addison-Wesley (1990); and (with Marty Lewinter) A Friendly Introduction to Graph Theory, Prentice-Hall (2003) - translated into Chinese by Dr. Huiba Li, Tsinghua Press (2005).   Professor Buckley served on the editorial board of Graph Theory Notes of New York for nine years, was an associate editor of Networks for five years, and was guest editor of a special issue of Networks (December, 1999) entitled Centrality Concepts in Network Location

Additionally, he has published more than twenty-five co-authored research articles and is sole author of more than twenty others.  He has given more than sixty invited lectures at local, national, and international symposia and conferences on Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Computing, including international conferences held in Barbardos, China, Florida, Japan, Lousiana, Michigan, New York, Poland, Singapore, and South Africa.

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