Prof. Mark Rice

Mark Rice

Assistant Professor
Latin American History

                                  Phone: 646-312-4344
                                  Location: VC 5-246


Mark Rice is an Assistant Professor of history specializing in Latin America. In particular, his research focuses on the history of the Andean region and the history of tourism and travel. He is also interested in research and teaching in the thematic areas of the history of consumption and material culture, economic and financial history, global and transnational history, and social history.

Professor Rice’s current research investigates the development of tourism in and around Machu Picchu and the Cusco region of Peru. He is currently writing a book manuscript, Making Machu Picchu: A History of Tourism, Region, and Nation in Cusco, Peru that examines the transformation of Machu Picchu into an international icon as well as the economic, political, and social effects of tourism in Peru's southern highlands. His research, by emphasizing the important role travel and tourism has played in elevating Machu Picchu into a global symbol of Peru, casts new light on the role that tourist-centered development plays in affecting regional and national politics in the developing world.

In addition to his primary research, Mark Rice writes on the history of travel and development in academic journals, collaborative projects, and the media. He has earned fellowships and grants from various institutions including the Social Science Research Council and the Tinker Foundation. He has been invited to present his research at academic events and conferences in the U.S., Latin America, and Europe. Professor Rice also serves as the field editor for economic history at the online journal Dissertation Reviews.

Mark Rice completed his Ph.D. at Stony Brook University where his dissertation research earned him the President’s Award for Distinguished Doctoral Students. He is a native of Western New York and earned his BA in history from Cornell University. He currently lives in Queens, New York where he spends most of his free time eating either Peruvian ceviche or spicy Hunan cuisine from China.

Subject Matter Expertise

Modern Latin America; the Andean Region; Peru; Tourism and Travel; U.S.-Latin American Relations; History of Development; Business History


Ph.D., History, Stony Brook University (2014)
B.A., History, Cornell University (2007)


American Historical Association
Conference on Latin American History
Latin American Studies Association

Notable Publications

“Transnational Business and U.S. Diplomacy in Late Nineteenth-Century South America: W. R. Grace & Co. and the Chilean Crises of 1891,” Journal of Latin American Studies 44, number 4, (November 2012), pp. 765-792.

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