Prof. Carolle CharlesCarolle Charles

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Dr. Carolle Charles is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Baruch College. As a scholar her research and work concentrate on processes and agencies both in Haitian society and within the Haitian immigrant communities of North America. Dr. Charles's present scholarly work focuses on three interconnected areas of research: Labor Migration and Transnational Pattern of Migrants' Identities; the Dynamic of Race, Culture, and History; and Gender and Empowerment. Her work is contributing to the ongoing debate on feminist studies that attempts to redefine the very meaning of feminism.

Dr. Charles is a 2000-2001 Fulbright recipient for Haiti. Dr. Charles was on the editorial board of the Journals Gender and Society, a journal of feminism, Identity a journal of Transnationalism, and Wadabaguei, a journal of Caribbean studies. She is also a member of many scholarly organizations, among others, the American Sociological Association (ASA), the Latin American Studies Association (LASA), the Haitian Studies Association (HAS). Presently she is an elected council in the executive board of the Caribbean Studies Association (CSA), and the Haitian Studies Association (HAS).

Selected Publications:

1. In Journal of American Ethnic History “Political Refugees or Economic Immigrants? A new “old debate within the Haitian Immigrant Communities but with Contestations and division. (Winter-Spring 2006), Vol 25, 2-3, 190-198.

2.  In Linden Lewis Ed. The Culture of Gender and Sexuality in the Caribbean.  “Popular Imageries of Gender and Sexuality: Poor and working class Haitian women's Discourses on the use of their bodies” Florida University Press 2003.

3. In Percy Hintzen and Jean Rahier eds, The Invisible Others/Active Presences: Self-Ethnographies Problematizing Blackness. “Being Black Twice” Routlege Press 2003.

4. With Robert Fatton and Carole Berotte Joseph, editors Journal Wadabagui Special Issue on Haiti. NewYork Spring 2003.

5. With Nina Glick Schiller, contributors Encyclopedia of World Cultures Supplement. Mcmillan Reference USA “Haitian Americans” New York 2002, pp.140-45.

6. In Revista VERTICE/FLACSO, “Cuidadania, Raza y Nacion: Una Reflexion. Santo Domingo, DR. March 2001, 4 pages.

7. Gender and Poverty in Haiti. A UNDP report. New York, February 2000. 80 pages.

8. “Haitian American : A Personal Reflection” in Nurturing Success: Successful Women of Color and Their Daughters. Essie E. Lee ed. Wesport, Connecticut:Praeger 2000.

9. "Haitian Life in New York City" in The Immigrant Left. Paul Buhle and Dan Georgakas eds. SUNY Press 1996.

10. Gender and Politics in Contemporary Haiti: The Duvalierist State, Transnationalism, and the Emergence of a New Feminism (1980-1990). Feminist Studies. Vol. 21, 1, Spring 1995, pp.1-30.

Prof. Charles is very active in her communities since the 1960’s. She is a founder and acting  chair of DWA FANM. She is a founding member of the Haitian Dialogue, a conflict resolution project of the American services committee of New York. Dr Charles has developed strong transnational ties with women organizations in Haiti. She just recently finished a report on the experiences of CONAP, an umbrella organization of 11 feminist and women organizations in Haiti.

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