Art History and Theatre

Department of Fine and Performing Arts

When a student’s educational objectives cannot be fully attained solely by study within an existing department, program, or school, he or she is given the option of devising an ad hoc pattern of courses in an area of concentration of his or her own choosing. A student may embark upon an ad hoc major following preparation and acceptance of a proposal outlining the area of study, the desired outcomes, and the educational values of the program. The program must be approved by the chairpersons of the appropriate departments and the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences.

Students interested in including art history courses or theatre courses as part of an arts and sciences ad hoc major should contact the Department of Fine and Performing Arts, 646-312-4052. Under the guidance of a faculty advisor, students may design an ad hoc major in art history or theatre as preparation for graduate study or arts management. Students interested in arts administration should consider the arts administration ad hoc major previously described in this section.

The Weissman School of Arts and Sciences ad hoc major requires 30–33 credits.

Contact: Terry Berkowitz
Phone: (646) 312-4059

The City University of New York