New Course: Globalizations: Past, Present, and Future

New Course: IDC 3010/3010H


Spring 2010
IDC 3010 / 3010H * (FH24): Credits 3.0
Tuesday/Thursday 9:30 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.
Professor Jeffrey Peck, Dean WSAS


Course Description:
This course will examine the dynamic social, political, cultural and economic processes that we now refer to as “globalization.” The interrelationship of these complex processes has been intensified in recent decades by the victory of capitalism and world market economies, the breakdown of nation states (such as the Soviet Union), the movement of ideas, peoples, and capital across boundaries (both real and virtual), and, perhaps most powerfully, the domination of the information economy, illustrated by the internet and its proliferation in commercial and daily life. Notions of time, space, and place have been compressed; ideas of home, belonging and identity are in question.

The course will be taught from interdisciplinary perspectives including guest faculty from political science, sociology, anthropology, literature, journalism, natural sciences, communication and Black & Hispanic Studies. Dean Peck teaches courses in cultural studies with an emphasis on globalization, culture and identity.

Prerequisite: ENG/LTT 2800 or 2850
*Honors Program approval

Weissman School of Arts and Sciences
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The City University of New York