CFR Invitation to 4/6 Academic Conference Call: "Nigeria on the Brink"

The following (edited) is from Irina A. Faskianos, Vice President, National Program & Outreach, Council on Foreign Relations:

On behalf of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), I invite faculty and students to participate in the next session of the CFR Winter/Spring 2011 Academic Conference Call series on Wednesday, April 6, from 12 to 1 PM (ET). John Campbell, CFR's Ralph Bunche senior fellow for Africa policy studies, will discuss the upcoming elections in Nigeria, as well as policy recommendations from his new book "Nigeria: Dancing on the Brink" (see For the final session of the series, please visit

Prior to joining CFR, Ambassador Campbell was a U.S. Department of State foreign service officer serving twice in Nigeria, first as political counselor from 1988 to 1990, and then as ambassador from 2004 to 2007. His other overseas postings include Lyon, Paris, Geneva, and Pretoria. Past assignments include deputy assistant secretary for the bureau for human resources, dean of the Foreign Service Institute's School of Language Studies, and director of the Office of UN Political Affairs. Ambassador Campbell was a visiting professor of international relations at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a U.S. Department of State mid-career fellow at Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. Prior to his career in the Foreign Service, he taught British and French history at Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, Virginia.

In order to encourage an interactive dialogue, we ask that professors convene students in a group to participate. Typically, professors have found it most convenient to gather in a classroom or host a few students in their office around a speaker phone. Please email me if you would like to make this call available to your students, and we will send you the toll-free dial-in number and password. As background for the discussion, you may wish to have your students review the following materials:

1) "Nigeria's Elections: Reversing the Degeneration?" Africa Briefing No. 79, International Crisis Group, February 24, 2011.

2) John Campbell, "Why Nigeria's North South Distinction is Important," Huffington Post, February 7, 2011.

3) John Campbell, "Nigeria's Goodluck Jonathan Gets the PDP Nomination," Huffington Post, January 21, 2011.

4) Ebere Onwudiwe and Chloe Berwind-Dart, "Breaking the Cycle of Electoral Violence in Nigeria," Special Report 263, United States Institute of Peace, December 2010.

5) John Campbell, "Nigeria on the Brink: What Happens if the 2011 Elections Fail?" Snapshot, Foreign Affairs, September 9, 2010.

6) Olumide Taiwo, "Challenges and Possibilities for Progress in Nigeria," Brookings Institution, May 17, 2010.

7) John Campbell, "Africa in Transition," Blog, Council on Foreign Relations.

I hope you will visit the dynamic "Educators" Portal on the CFR website at, where you will find CFR resources designed and packaged especially for the academic community, including modules with teaching notes, event announcements, and information on Foreign Affairs resources for professors and students. Please don't hesitate to call Isabella Santoro at 212.434.9573 should you have any questions.

Best regards,


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