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Health Services


Khemwanti Ramcharan Khemwanti Ramcharan
Licensed Practical Nurse
The Licensed Practical Nurse provides clinical support to the Physician Assistant on staff. Some of these duties include taking vital signs, administering vaccinations, checking body mass index (BMI), facilitating blood extraction for testing, as well as conducting eye examinations and HIV pre-test counseling.


Elaine Franco Elaine Franco
Student Liaison
The Student Liaison provides administrative services at the Health Care Center, i.e., the scheduling of appointments, processing of medical forms and ensuring the accuracy and confidentiality of student medical records.


Aubrey DeCarlo Aubrey Leukart
Assistant Director of Health & Wellness
The Assistant Director of Health & Wellness is responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating programs to improve the health of students. Wellness programs include peer education, workshops, health fairs and one-on-one consultations.