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Center for Nonprofit Strategy and Management

The Center for Nonprofit Strategy and Management (CNSM) is a globally-recognized leader in analyzing the evolving role of nonprofit organizations within the context of society, politics, and the economy.

Through community engagement, teaching, and research, it examines how government, business, and philanthropic organizations are structuring their governance to help solve today’s most pressing policy issues.

Its New York City location encourages interaction with the nation’s most active nonprofit sector, and promotes internship and placement opportunities with many advocacy organizations.

To learn more about CNSM, download the brochure. For more information, contact:

General Inquiries  or call 646-660-6743

Jack Krauskopf,  CNSM Director

Nicole Marwell, Academic Director

CNSM Events Feature Policy Thought Leaders

The Center delivers its best thinking about public sector leadership, management and policy through its seminar series, conferences, and Consulting Day. All events focus on pressing nonprofit policy issues and provide an opportunity for practitioners to connect with noted experts in the field.  

Click here to access an updated list of events, as well as PowerPoint presentations, videos, summaries, speaker biographies, and other event materials.

To obtain information about our seminars or to join our mailing list, please contact us by phone at (646)660-6743 or by email.


Community Engagement Programs Promote Leadership

The Center hosts a variety of community engagement activities, including educational programs, nonprofit seminars, educational events, and nonprofit policy involvement:

  • Educational Leadership Programs

CSNM works with the School’s Office of Executive Programs to develop non-credit leadership educational programs for some of New York’s largest nonprofit umbrella organizations. The Partnership for After School Education, United Neighborhood Houses, and the Hispanic Federation are among the organizations that co-sponsor certification in nonprofit management for senior staff members.

  • Monthly Nonprofit Seminars

The Center offers a free monthly series of seminars and workshops covering a wide range of topics on nonprofit finance, fundraising, management, marketing, and many other timely issues. For more information about our seminars, or to join our mailing list, please call (646) 660-6743.

  • Consulting Day Provides Pro Bono Consultations

Consulting Day, CNSM’s signature community engagement program, gives nonprofit leaders and staff an annual opportunity to receive pro bono advice from more than 40 experienced consultants. The 45-minute, one-to-one sessions focus on:

    • Fundraising
    • Board development
    • Capacity building
    • Program evaluation
    • Marketing and communications
    • Financial management
    • Strategic planning

In addition, the event includes two workshops on topics such as strategic enterprise and advanced social media. Click here for an archive of Consulting Day descriptions, videos, or seminars.

  • Nonprofit Policy Involvement

CSNM faculty regularly participates in nonprofit boards, advisory organizations, and governmental committees.  Among their board involvement:

CSNM Promotes Research for Scholars and Practitioners

The Center promotes research on nonprofit and non-governmental organizations conducted by Baruch faculty. The Center also works with affiliated faculty and external organizations to produce original research on timely topics:

  • Surveys Present Perspectives on Human Services Issues

CSNM has published an annual Nonprofit Executive Outlook Survey that analyzes the views of executive directors of New York City human services agencies about current conditions affecting their clients and the operations of their programs. The recent surveys include responses to Superstorm Sandy, as well as how  human services organizations persevere in uncertain times.

Surveys are developed in conjunction with the key social services organizations such as Human Services Council of New York City, United Neighborhood Houses of New York, Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies, UJA Federation of New York, Catholic Charities, and others.  Click here to access archives of CNSM surveys.

  • Case Studies Promote Advocacy Campaigns

Under the direction of Professor John Casey, CNSM produces New York nonprofit case studies, including advocacy for better public policies for   waste management, child welfare, and educational finance, as well as other topics that promote the roles of New York nonprofits. Case studies are available in:

  • Full versions with an appendix with an analysis of the lesson learned
  • Student versions for use in the classroom (appendix is omitted)
  • Teaching Notes with how-to information, study questions for classroom discussions and an analysis of lessons learned.

Click here to access our case studies.

  • Working Papers Present Research in Progress

The Center’s Working Papers Series, edited by Professor Susan Chambre’, focuses on significant and emerging nonprofit sector policy and management issues.  Contributors include Baruch and CUNY faculty as well as emerging scholars from other institutions.

The Center publishes papers on these topics:

•             Government contracting, governance and accountability

•             Organizational strategies

•             Finance

•             Community-based organizations

•             Human resources

•             Civic engagement

•             Women and philanthropy

•             Global perspectives

Click here to access our working papers. To subscribe to the series, contact us by email. For editorial questions, contact Professor  Chambré, Editor.

  • Research Reports Focus on Critical Policy Issues

Visit the links below to access our latest research reports:

The Financial Health of New York's Child Welfare Nonprofits, 2012

Leadership, Diversity and Legal Services: Strategies for Increasing the Diversity of Legal Services Management in New York and in America’s Most Diverse City - Fall 2009, Conducted by Professor Sonia R. Jarvis.


SPA Program Includes Nonprofit Coursework and Specialization

The School of Public Affairs offers both Master of Public Administration (MPA) and Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs (BSPA) degrees.  The MPA includes a wide selection of nonprofit-related courses, and students can pursue a specialization in nonprofit management as part of their degree.

The BSPA program focuses on the advocacy and analysis of public policy, examining how nonprofit and public organizations are involved in policy development and implementation. Students can earn certification in a range of nonprofit organizational competencies, and earn internships with nonprofit organizations.

Visit SPA’s Admissions pages to learn more about our degree programs.


CNSM Faculty: Large and Globally Diverse

The CNSM faculty with globally diverse nonprofit interests is one of the largest  in the country. More than 80% are full-time professors who are engaged in research projects on nonprofit collaborations, city and state contracting with New York City nonprofits, global nonprofit organizations and evaluations of specific programs.

They regularly present papers on nonprofit topics at academic conferences sponsored by APPAM, ARNOVA, NASPAA, and other scholarly organizations.

Newsletter Explores Role of Nonprofits 

CSNM’s newsletter explores critical issues facing nonprofit organizations today, including the role of nonprofits in society and how government, business and philanthropic organizations are structuring their governance to help solve today’s most pressing policy issues.

Click here to access our newsletter.


Helpful Resources for Nonprofits

Click here to access a list of organizations, publications and media links that can provide helpful information and data about nonprofit organizations.

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