Undergraduate Policies and Procedures

BSPA students follow Baruch College policies and procedures with respect to course withdrawals, academic probation, transfer credits, grading, and other academic matters. Specific information about these policies and procedures can be obtained by linking to Academic Policies. Independent study applications and academic appeals are handled by the School of Public Affairs.

Independent Study

BSPA students may complete an independent study with a faculty member on a particular topic or creative project. BSPA students must have completed at least 90 credits to be eligible.  Each student must identify a specific subject or problem to investigate and find an interested faculty member to serve as an advisor and help him or her develop a proposal.  The SPA advisement staff does not identify independent study faculty mentors or assist in the preparation of study proposals.  Adjunct faculty are not permitted to oversee independent studies.  Students must submit an Independent Study Application to the e-mail address indicated on the form. BSPA students may not complete an independent study in place of PAF 4401, Public Affairs Capstone. 

Academic Appeals

Undergraduate students may appeal decisions relating to their academic standing and the scholastic requirements of degree programs.  The SPA Committee on Academic Standing (CAS) hears all academic appeals.  The CAS is comprised of four faculty members and one student representative.  The SPA Director of Academic Advisement and a staff member in the Registrar’s Office attend ex officio with voice but no vote.  Appeals can be made for a grade received in a SPA class, retroactive withdrawal from a course, reinstatement to a degree program after an extended leave, and other such academic problems.  Students must complete an Academic Appeals Application and include  supporting documentation.

Students do not appear before the CAS. The Committee meets at the beginning and end of the fall and spring semesters and once during the summer.  Its decisions are final.  Students may in some circumstances resubmit an appeal if the factual information has substantially changed.  The SPA Associate Dean and Dean, the Provost, and the College President may not overturn a decision of the CAS.

For grade appeals, students should first contact the instructor of the course.  The CAS will not consider applications without evidence the student has either contacted the instructor or made an attempt to contact the instructor.  Application for a grade appeal must occur within 30 days after the grade was recorded by the Registrar. 


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