bachelor of science in public affairs (BSPA)

Do you want to make a positive impact on our society and the way we live? This program gives you the unique opportunity to explore creative solutions to challenging policy issues all over the world. You’ll learn how public and nonprofit organizations create policies to tackle some of the most critical issues of our time. Centrally located in the heart of the nation’s capital of public service, we’ll provide you with the experience and skills you need to shape an exciting career as a social advocate for change.

The BSPA Advantage
If you'd like to one day pursue a career that will help you develop and implement new ideas that can shape public policy, this program is designed for you. Learn how to devise and implement new solutions to challenging problems on the global, national, state and local levels, and how public and nonprofit organizations get involved in the policy process.

Through coursework and practical experiences, you’ll learn political negotiation skills, economic and financial analysis, and rhetoric as you study some of today’s critical policy issues such as community development, education, environmental sustainability, healthcare, housing, immigration, and social welfare.

Upon graduation, you’ll be prepared to work for government or political campaigns, or as a social advocate for public and nonprofit organizations. You’ll also have an excellent foundation to pursue graduate studies in communications, education, law, management, public administration, or urban planning.

The Survey Research Minor
This minor complements the Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs program. It teaches how to analyze survey data through research, the development of questionnaires, and the comprehension of public opinion.

Opportunities for Public Service
Our campus is located in the trendy Gramercy Park and Flatiron neighborhoods of New York City, providing you with access to hundreds of nearby nonprofits, the nation’s largest public school system, the United Nations, and city, state, and federal organizations.

Our location gives you a unique advantage to gain practical experience with many different public or nonprofit organizations, including internships with state and local government institutions, advocacy organizations or other social agencies. Beyond New York, we also offer opportunities for you to study public policy abroad in Asia, Europe, Canada, or Central and South America through international credit-bearing programs.

Program Description
The 120-credit program consists of a minimum of 30 credits in public affairs core and electives, and 90 credits from the CUNY Pathways common core and flexible core, the School of Public Affairs college option, and free electives.

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