So you’re interested in studying abroad? That's Great!
Here's What You should do now:

Whether you are a graduate or undergraduate student, make a one-on-one appointment now to speak with us to discuss the opportunities available!
Email MSPIA.Global.Initiatives@baruch.cuny.edu to set up an appointment

Here are some frequently asked questions about studying abroad with the Marxe School:

What study abroad programs are available?

  • Fall/Spring – Semester Exchange to Ghent University
  • Summer – Varies, please refer to our Summer Programs page for current programs available
  • Winter – Varies, depends on what is offered by our partner institutions (we may not offer winter programs every year)

What is the program fee and tuition?

  • Semester Exchange Program – Participating students pay Baruch tuition as well as any necessary expenses for housing, airfare, visa, transportation, books, and etc.
  • Summer Programs – Varies, refer to the individual program pages under the Summer Programs page for details on program fee and tuition
  • Winter Programs – Varies

Will I be able to receive credit for participating in the study abroad programs?

  • Students will receive credit for the semester exchange programs. For the short term summer/winter programs, it depends on the program and will be indicated under the program description.

How do I apply?

When is the deadline to apply?

  • Semester Exchange and credit-bearing winter/summer programs – Baruch Study Abroad Office sets the deadline for Summer and Fall Programs as March 15th and for Winter and Spring Programs as October 1st
  • Non-credit bearing/certificate programs – Varies, the deadline to apply depends on the program

What are the requirements and how do I apply for the Marxe Study Abroad scholarships?

  • At the time of application, you must have completed at least 9 credits (in PAF) and have at least a 3.4 GPA. You must also be a matriculated student during the course of the program.
  • Upon receiving your acceptance from the host institution into the program you applied to, please notify us by email at MSPIA.Global.Initiatives@baruch.cuny.edu and we will provide the next steps and what is needed to apply for the scholarship.

How much is the scholarship award?

  • In the past, we have offered $5,000 for Semester Exchange programs, and $2,000-3,000 for Summer and Winter programs, BUT the amount awarded may change due to funding.

How is the scholarship award issued?

  • Scholarship award recipients will receive half the scholarship before the start of the program, and the remaining half after the program is completed.