FALL 2017

photo of Josephina Ragon, MSEd '18Viktoriya Chubirka, MPA '18

After my first semester at Baruch as an MPA student, I was looking forward to taking advantage of the internship opportunities during the summer. I was fortunate to join one of the largest philanthropic organization there is – Open Society Foundations. As a Eurasia Program intern, I was assigned three categories of work: Minority Empowerment, Human Rights and Media. The global goal of the organization is to help countries transition from their communist past. Being from Ukraine, a young post-Soviet democracy that is dealing with all the ills of developing countries, including corruption, bureaucracy, economic turmoil and external aggression from its neighbor, the mission of the Open Society Foundations’ Eurasia Program resonated with me personally.

The internship at OSF gave me the opportunity to attend all meetings that are relevant to my categories of work, review grant applications and familiarize myself with the grant-making process. Overall, I was privileged to be fully engaged in everything that was going on in the program.

I have completed seven major assignments, including translation of calls for proposals, review of grantee reports, a research project on the UN Human Rights tools and a survey regarding the funding for women's rights organizations in Eurasia.

The best advice I can give to students looking for internships is to follow your true professional passion and have an idea of what kind of knowledge and experience you are looking to gain before you start applying for internships. Ask questions, be curious and don’t be afraid to make a mistake – being an intern is a fantastic hands-on learning platform. I wish you all luck and great professional and educational experiences.



photo of Josephina Ragon, MSEd '18Josephina Ragon, MSEd '18

Beginning my professional career as an educator in the South Bronx and Chicago's turnaround schools, I developed a strong passion for closing the achievement gap. When I decided to transition and work with post-secondary students, Baruch College and CUNY’s mission to provide quality, accessible education greatly influenced my decision. It is rewarding to attend an institution whose values align with my own.

Immediately after getting accepted into the HEA Program, I proactively sought opportunities to work with students. Through Career Services, I learned about the graduate assistant positions in the Office of Student Life and Office of New Student Programs and Leadership Development at Baruch. I pursued and landed both of them. These assistantships allowed me integrate what I was learning in the classroom, such as student development, finances in higher education, quantitative and qualitative research, and administrative services. They also gave me direct experience working with students, including advising clubs and organizations on campus-wide event planning, such as Spring Fling and Women's Heritage Month, leading workshops, such as officer training, creating leadership development material, and coordinating off-campus service learning and spring break trips to Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, PA. Although my assistantships have ended, I am eager to continue this work in student life and leadership development, as well as in opportunity programs.

If I can give one piece of advice to those searching for internships, I would say not to wait for an opportunity to come knocking at your door. Do your research, reach out to administrators early on, ask questions, and go get it!



photo of Deborah D'Orazi, MPA '18Deborah D'Orazi, MPA '18

As an MPA student focusing on policy analysis, social justice/human rights, and trauma, I am interested in learning how organizations and agencies can best focus on serving populations, involving populations within the policy process, and how to implement policies that create positive results. During the spring 2017 semester, I interned with the Vera Institute of Justice’s Policing Program as a Graduate Research Intern. Vera was founded in the 1960s and policing reform is something that continues to be a central aspect of its work. One of my projects is researching and writing a paper on Vera’s policing work. This included the first project involving policing, the Manhattan Summons Project during the 1960s. The pilot program was so successful that it was eventually adopted and expanded to all police precincts in New York City. It also revolutionized how summonses were used and how police in New York City interacted with communities. I am also learning a lot about police performance assessment and community policing since I research and catalog current news stories and events involving these topics. The internship as a whole has increased my interest in police and community policing.

My advice to any student seeking an internship is to research and be consistent. I started the MPA program in spring 2017 and was determined to gain experience with organizations I believed I could help and could help me learn about myself. So, I sent out applications to as many relevant organizations as I could and utilized Marxe Career Services when I secured interviews. Now that I am looking for an internship for the summer I find myself utilizing the MPA job board and Center more for help and suggestions. It is always good to remember that you never know what is out there unless you look and ask for help!


FALL 2016

photo of Christopher Sanchez, MPA '17Christopher Sanchez, MPA '17

Given my work experience in the State mental health system and passion for healthcare, the healthcare policy track was a natural fit for me and one of the factors that motivated me to pursue my MPA at Baruch. Throughout the summer, I interned with the Department of Sanitation (DSNY) in the office of Equity Diversity & Inclusion (OEDI). I had the opportunity to perform outreach and training events with some of the Departments 10,000 civilian and uniformed employees. Additionally, I was a part of developing a digital platform that the Office of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion will now use to catalog and track EEO complaints.

In searching for internships, I have utilized Marxe CareerConnect; the database continually posts a wide range of opportunities that have sparked my interest. One of the greatest tools that I have utilized from the Career Services Office has been the resume review service. I feel as though tailoring my resume to the positions I’ve applied for has made a huge difference in my application process and in securing my current role. I would suggest applying to opportunities that are different from what you’ve done in the past. Previously I had primarily focused on careers and internships in the healthcare profession; however, I have found that working in a policy role at the administrative level can take many new and exciting forms. If asked a year ago how I felt about possibly working for the Department Of Sanitation, I would have never thought it was for me. This new knowledge has opened my mind to the possibility of one day shaping city agency policy and ingrained a passion for the way New York City manages some of the city’s most vital resources.


Solomon Boukai, MPA '18Solomon Boukai, MPA '18

I'm now working for the agency that most fits my career interests increasing the possibility of landing a Policy Analyst position within this area. I'm interning at MTA New York City Transit . The focus of my MPA is policy analysis and evaluation with special emphasis on transit policy and planning. I'm currently interning as a timekeeper processing payroll time sheets for Maintenance Parts Suppliers for Bus and Subway Depots. I found out about the Internship Program at MTA NYCT by meeting with Career Services Advisors. In fact, the only way to sign up for the MTA Internship Program is through Career Services. Beyond the Internship Program, the Advisors at Career Services helped me enhance my resume, prepare me for interviews, and advised me on job search strategies. Once you decide on your career path, remain persistent and confident. In the meantime, as you focus on getting an internship in your desired agency, look for related opportunities. While government agencies have varying areas of focus, what you learn from working there will most likely be transferable once you land an internship or job in your desired agency.



photo of Nabila Ibrahim, MPA '17Nabila Ibrahim, MPA '17

As an MPA student at the Austin W. Marxe School of Public & International Affairs, my primary focus is to learn more about public management allowing me to positively effect a larger part of our population. During summer 2016, I interned at the NYC Office of Management and Budget in the Administrative Agencies and Elected Officials Unit, which handles the capital and expense budget of thirty NYC agencies including Mayoralty, DCAS, and DoITT. As an intern, I updated data within the Adopted Plan from the Executive Financial Plan and reconciled the budget of all thirty agencies. I also contributed to the creation of an Access Brief Sheet enabling the task force to easily keep track of all initiatives. This internship helped me to learn about the operations of various New York City governmental organizations and how to obtain the best results with limited resources. I was able to use my quantitative and analytical skills to conduct many budgetary operations. Overall, I grew my professional network as well as attained personal growth.

I have always worked with Career Service to prepare targeted application materials for specific jobs or internships. I also utilize mock interviews, which helps boost my confidence level for interviews. Lastly, I have built an excellent relationship with my Career Advisor, who helped me figure out my career goals. I recommend that students use career service at least once a month to create and implement an action plan fostering their career development. It is also beneficial to attend various Marxe career events providing a platform to learn more about the job market and network.


July 16 Intern SpotlightAlina Aleshko, MPA '17

The focus of my MPA is Healthcare Policy, I hope to become a healthcare administrator within a hospital network and work towards a Director role. I am currently interning at Visiting Nurse Service of New York (VNSNY) in the Research Department. I am contributing to a stroke study where I will eventually interview participants. I am currently supporting all areas of our research and attending related meetings with stakeholders. My internship is allowing me to learn an integral database commonly used in hospital settings and strengthening my ability to multitask, preparing me for a healthcare administrator role.

Career Services helped me find an internship right away. I met with Ms. Bartholomew and she was amazingly helpful. She identified the internship, reviewed my resume and cover letter, and forwarded it to the employer. I was initially struggling to find an internship and thanks to Career Services, I was able to secure one within a short timeframe. The best advice I can give students currently seeking an internship is to go to Career Services for assistance because they truly guide you in the right direction based on your goals. You also have to keep your mind open to unpaid internships as they can be great resume builders and provide flexible schedules.

photo of Shaquana LeeShaquana Lee, MPA '18

I am currently interning at the Visiting Nurse Service of New York (VNSNY) and Changing Our World, Inc. At VNSNY I am responsible for entering appeals into Raiser's Edge and managing the distribution of gift notifications by mail. At Changing Our World, I focus on prospective donor research. Both internships are launching my career in development because I am getting well rounded exposure. For instance, at VNSNY I am learning the importance of a strong development department. It is very important to manage the influx of donations and maintain a relationship with all donors in house. Furthermore, Changing Our World, Inc. is teaching me how to solicit donors based on their philanthropic behavior.

Career Services has been outstanding in my search for internships. I met with my Career Advisor, Kerry Bartholomew, almost every week and she always provided feedback regarding my search. I did not understand how to talk about myself in a way that was substantial to prospective employers. Kerry taught me that every task requires a transferable skill and that I knew more about Nonprofits than I thought. That is what led me to a paid opportunity with Changing Our World, Inc. It is important to remember that you have something to offer and the right opportunity will present itself.


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