Baruch Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Office (formerly IRB)


1. Go to the IRBNet Website ( Use the IRBNet PI Manual to assist you with submitting your proposal.

2. Review IRBNet Materials BEFORE registering and accessing the IRBNet research protocol system. Training materials are available via video and electronic presentations:


        a) IRBNet training videos can be found here

             Username: cuny

             Password: resources


        b) Training Presentations

              i. How to register on IRBnet

             ii. How to add Training & Credentials to your profile

             iii. How to create a new package on IRBnet*

             iv. How to submit continuing reviews, amendments,etc.**

              v. Complete IRBNet Directions (PI Manual)


    *Please note that these instructions are for initial submissions only.


    **Please note that these instructions are for applications previously submitted on IRBNet. If you are submitting your application for the first time, please follow the how to create a new package on IRBnet instructions.


3. After logging in, click "CREATE NEW PACKAGE" to start filling out information for your new submission.


    a) Please follow the step-by-step IRBNet Submission Instructions - (Screenshots)

    b) All key personnel must register on IRBnet and be "SHARED"on initial      applications submitted via IRBNet.

    c)Please note that CUNY - Application for Approval to Use Human Participants in Research, Part I must be filled out attaching part II of the initial IRB Application. Initial Application Part II can be found in the Forms and Templates section of IRBnet. PI's must fill out the Part I of the CUNY Application if submitting an initial submission for a protocol approved and submitted on IRB Manager attaching the form that they wish to submit to the HRPP Office. Please note that all forms are now located in the Forms and Templates section of IRBNet.


4.What Documents should I submit on IRBNet?



5. For Complete IRBNet Directions, please click here.