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National Science Foundation Biographical Sketches Tips

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All Faculty members whom are senior project personnel on a proposed project (e.g., Principal Investigators, Co-Principal Investigators, Faculty Associates) must prepare a biographical sketch in accordance to the current National Science Foundation Grant Program Guidelines.

See Bio Sketch Example

As of the 2008 NSF Guidelines, the following are required

1) Maximum of 2 pages in length.

2) No less than 1-inch margins.

3) The document must contain each of the required sections, even if it does not apply to you:

(i) Professional Preparation

(ii) Appointments

(iii) Publications

(iv) Synergistic Activities

(v) Collaborators & Other Affiliations

  • Collaborators and Co-Editors
  • Graduate and Post Doc Advisors
  • Thesis Advisees and Postgraduate-Scholar Sponsorees

Last updated: 10/07/2011