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Datasets on this page were produced by ESRI, the makers of ArcGIS, in 2008. These datasets are copyrighted and may only be used for non-profit, educational purposes by current CUNY students, faculty, and staff. If you use this data, you must cite ESRI as the source. Distributing this data to others or use for commercial purposes is prohibited.

* Due to the license agreement some of the datasets cannot be distributed over the public internet. Current members of CUNY can contact the geospatial data librarian to access restricted datasets. If you are NOT affiliated with CUNY you may NOT request access.


Name Features File Type Size Download
Area codes polygons shapefile 62.0 MB*
Blockgroups polygons shapefile 446.5 MB
Block population (centroids) points shapefile 249.4 MB*
Core based statistical areas (cbsa) polygons shapefile 37.8 MB*
Congressional Districts (108th - from 2006 data) polygons shapefile 4.8 MB
Congressional Districts (109th) polygons shapefile 7.5 MB
Congressional Districts (110th) polygons shapefile 9.8 MB
Cities (major) points shapefile 527 KB
Cities (all) points shapefile 1.6 MB
Counties (generalized) polygons shapefile 1.3 MB
Counties polygons shapefile 74.9 MB
North American coastal waters (for background) polygons shapefile 1.6 MB
North American countries (for background) polygons shapefile 664 KB
Places polygons shapefile 83.3 MB*
Places points shapefile 1.2 MB
States (generalized) polygons shapefile 190 KB
States polygons shapefile 31.3 MB
Tracts polygons shapefile 260.2 MB
Urban areas polygons shapefile 9.9 MB
Zip codes (3 digit areas) polygons shapefile 8.7 MB
Zip codes (5 digits) polygons shapefile 24.3 MB
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Name Features File Type Size Download
Drainage polygons shapefile 71 KB
Hydrography (generalized) lines shapefile 21.9 MB
Hydrography (generalized) polygons shapefile 12.8 MB
Hydrography polygons shapefile 288.7 MB
Lakes polygons shapefile 35 KB
Rivers (generalized) lines shapefile 93 KB
Rivers lines shapefile 1.0 GB
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Name Features File Type Size Download
GNIS buildings points shapefile 1.7 MB
GNIS cemeteries points shapefile 4.3 MB
GNIS churches points shapefile 6.2 MB
GNIS golf courses points shapefile 170 KB
GNIS hospitals points shapefile 436 KB
GNIS locales points shapefile 4.7 MB
GNIS populated places points shapefile 6.3 MB
GNIS schools points shapefile 6.2 MB
GNIS summits points shapefile 2.5 MB
Historic locations of earthquakes points shapefile 177 KB
Hospitals points shapefile 696 KB*
Institutions points shapefile 10.1 MB*
Large area landmarks points shapefile 37.2 MB*
Parks (generalized) polygons shapefile 12.4 MB*
Parks polygons shapefile 45.4 MB*
Recreational areas points shapefile 534 KB*
Volcanoes points shapefile 31 KB
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Topography and Reference

Name Features File Type Size Download
Federal and Native American land polygons shapefile 11.7 MB
Public land survey polygons shapefile 14.4 MB
US State Plane Zones (NAD 27) polygons shapefile 264 KB
US State Plane Zones (NAD 83) polygons shapefile 258 KB
USGS Topo Quad Index 1:24,000 polygons shapefile 1.6 MB
USGS Topo Quad Index 1:100,000 polygons shapefile 261 KB
USGS Topo Quad Index 1:250,000 polygons shapefile 147 KB
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Name Features File Type Size Download
Airports points shapefile 60 KB
Airports polygons shapefile 5.2 MB*
Highways lines shapefile 102.5 MB
Interstate highways lines shapefile 3.1 MB
Major highways lines shapefile 64.7 MB
Major roads lines shapefile 115.2 MB*
Railroads lines shapefile 19.1 MB
Transit terminals points shapefile 172 KB*
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