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Summer Liberal Arts Institute

The Summer Liberal Arts Institute at Baruch College allows qualified 10th and 11th graders in a NYC Public High School to enroll in a variety of college credit bearing courses. Summer course offerings usually include:

  • Cultural Anthropology (ANT 1001)
  • Business Fundamentals (BUS 1011)
  • Journalistic Writing (JRN 3050)
  • Critical Health Issues (HED 1191)
  • Personal Finance (FIN 1601)

For course description please visit the Baruch College Undergraduate Bulletin.


The Liberal Arts Institute is a comprehensive program consisting of this range of courses and correlating workshops that will focus on the completion of a culminating project. Each course will award either 3 or 4 college credits and attendance in the afternoon workshop will be mandatory, in order to receive credit for the morning course.

Eligibilty: The summer Barcuh College Now semester is open NYC public high school rising juniors and rising seniors (those in thier 10th and 11th grade during the spring semester) with the following qaulifications:

  • SAT / PSAT Verbal (min. 480) or English Lanagauge Arts (ELA) Regents (min. 75)
  • SAT / PSAT Math (min. 480) or Math Regents (min. 50)
  • Studenst who use PSAT scorres to qualify for admission must have an overal GPA of 85.

Dates: July 9th - August 16th (Monday thorugh Thursday; 9:00am-2:00pm)

Location: All summer courses are held at Baruch College

Attendance Policy: Attendance is Mandatory. Unexcused absences will NOT be allowed during the summer session.

Unique Aspects of the Liberal Arts Institute:

  • Unlike Fall & Spring the summer is open to sphomores and juniors from any NYC Public High School, regardless of College Now partnership
  • Metrocards & daily lunch vouchers are provided
  • Complimenarty workshop attached to each lecture
  • Students will be required prepare a culminating research project

Upon acceptance in to the Liberal Arts Institute students will be required to attend a mandatory orientation and maintain satisfactory attendance and academic performance.

We look forward to seeing you at Baruch College!