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Renovating the Lawrence and Eris Field Building at 17 Lexington Avenue

Project Overview: Upgrade After 80 Years of Service Will Bring Building into the 21st Century

17 Lexington Ave. todayThe Lawrence and Eris Field Building at 17 Lexington Avenue is the historic hub and sentimental heart of Baruch College. This iconic, original structure has served the College's mission to educate men and women for leadership roles for over 80 years. Its renovation beginning in 2012 means that 17 Lex will join the other College buildings as a model environment for 21st-century education.

Addressed in its renovation will be the maintenance needs resulting from almost a century of service. New elevators will replace antiquated ones frequently out of service. Central air-conditioning will make teaching and learning less challenging on warmer days (existing window units are noisy, high-energy consumers). The building's electricity is maxed out, and lighting is ancient and inadequate. There is currently no Wi-Fi access, essential in this era of technology-enhanced teaching. Neither is the building fully compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.

To bring the Field Building into the future, its rejuvenation must also emphasize sustainability. Indeed, the goal is to attain a LEED silver designation from the U.S. Green Building Council, no small feat for a vintage structure.

The Field Building's makeover is obviously an immense undertaking, but one well worth the effort.

Note on Phase IA: The initial work involves renovation of the lobby and the main (Lexington Avenue-facing) entrance as well as basement and other infrastructure changes. A new bank of elevators will be situated on the site of the old ground-floor pool. And new Con Edison vaults will be installed under the 23rd Street sidewalk to bring 17 Lex fully up to speed electrically.

Phase IA Renovation Bullet Points:

  • New Con Edison vaults installed under the 23rd Street sidewalk to bring 17 Lex fully up to speed electrically (the building's electricity is currently maxed out)

  • New elevators to replace antiquated elevators frequently out of service

  • Replace outdated and inadequate lighting in main lobby

  • Take first steps toward bringing the building into Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance by way of a new entrance ramp

Download the Renovation Plans PDF