New York City (NYC)
Blizzard of 2016
Winter storm Jonas, a historic and deadly snowstorm, broke records and impacted over 100 million people on the east coast including affecting major cities such as New York, Baltimore, and Washington DC. The storm began Friday, January 22 and continued into Sunday, January 24th. With the help of all three major global forecasting models (GFS, EXMWF, AND CMC), a major snowstorm for the Mid-Atlantic region was anticipated a week before the actual hit. Jonas fell an all-time high snow accumulation ever recorded in New York City. This powerful storm dumped 27.5 inches of snow in Central Park and hit the record books as the largest accumulation of snow amongst North East snowstorms.
In preparation for the storm in New York, approximately 1,700 plows and thousands of sanitation workers were on standby to clear city roads. Over 150,000 tons of road salt were used. Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a travel ban for all roads in New York City and Long Island. Under the state of emergency, MTA buses and above-ground subway lines were shutdown. Despite the solid preparation in advance of this storm, the heavy snowfall contributed to over 50 deaths across the country. Economic damages from lost economic activity and wages are estimated to cost between $500 million and $3 billion.
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