New York City (NYC)
Blizzard of 2010
On a quiet Sunday evening December 26, 2010, snow began to fall in NYC. With winds at 25 and 40 mph, it became impossible to see anything but a sheet of white mist. Massive snow drifts began to cover the city with up to 20 inches of snow. The blizzard continued late through Monday, leaving many people stranded throughout the city and unable to move their vehicles.
Public transportation was delayed across all the five boroughs for days, as many of the tracks needed to be cleared. The MTA resumed full services on Thursday and the LIRR on Friday. A total of 1400 flights were canceled on Monday morning at Newark, LaGuardia and Kennedy Airports, but were resumed later in the day. NYC residents were frustrated with the slow response to the blizzard and heavily criticized decisions made by Mayor Bloomberg and the NYC Sanitation Department in the weeks following the blizzard. Many of the main streets still needed to be cleaned up as late as Wednesday. One of the major problems faced by snowplows were abandoned cars and stranded busses that blocked their path to major roads.
NYC is frequently hit by storms of this magnitude and has developed a very efficient and swift strategy of response over the years. However, many claimed that the 2010 blizzard had been disastrously handled by the city's sanitation department and some speculated that this was as a result of recent budget cuts to staffing and resources.
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