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The MS program in industrial/organizational psychology is designed for students whose interests lie in applying psychological principles to the work context. Students receive a comprehensive background in research methodology, personnel, and organizational psychology as well as related areas of psychology.

Courses in Specialization    (36 credits) 

Required Courses                 (18 credits)
PSY 9703  Design of Psychological Research 3

PSY 9705 

Applied Statistical Analysis 3
PSY 9796  Problems in Industrial Psychology I: Personnel Psychology 3
PSY 9797  Problems in Industrial Psychology II: Organizational Psychology 3
PSY 99301  Research Methodology (Thesis I) 3
PSY 99001  Research Methodology in Design of Psychological Research (Seminar I) 3
PSY 99302  Thesis (Thesis II) 3
PSY 99002  Research Seminar in Evaluation of Psychological Research (Seminar II) 3

Elective Courses                   (18 credits)

Students choose six electives in consultation with a graduate supervisor.  The following are examples of the type of elective courses offered:
PSY 9751  Leadership and Group Processes 3
PSY 9760  Psychometric Methods 
PSY 9786  Seminar in Contemporary Psychological Topics* 3

PSY 9789 

Seminar in Industrial/Organizational Psychology 3
PSY 9800  Internship in Industrial/Organizational Psychology 3
   * Students may take PSY 9786 more than once if the topic is different.  
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