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The reservation process involves:

  1. Event Organizer - Creation of the event and approval/rate category request to Dean/VP
  2. Dean/VP - Event review and rate category selection for event
  3. Event Organizer - Modification and release of event for Space Manager approval
  4. Space Manager - Review and approval/denial of facility request
  5. (Optional if facility request is denied)  Event Organizer - Request of alternative facility

1. Event Organizer - Creation of Event and Rate Category Request to Dean/VP


This section has been amended to remove the use of comments in the workflow. Comments within the system are not working as expected. Please use email to communicate the rate category to the event organizer.


  1. If your facility request has been denied, you will receive the following email:

  2. Log into your account or click "Main Menu" if already logged in. Access/modify your event by clicking action and selecting modify. Please take care if using this method to edit the event as accidentally selecting delete and clicking off of the drop-down menu will delete your event with no confirmation. You can also access/edit the event through the traditional method by clicking "Events: Modify/Cancel/Delete" and finding your event on the list.

  3. If your request was denied to a rate category not being set, please complete steps 2 (Dean/VP - Event review and rate category selection for event) and 3 (Event Organizer - Modification and release of event for Space Manager approval) to select a rate category and proceed below.
  4. Proceed to the "Scheduling & Facilities" tab to request a new facility. The previous requested facility is automatically removed from your event when it has been denied by the Space Manager.