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The interdepartmental International Business Program (IBS) reflects Baruch College's commitment since 1947 to this important area of action and competence in globalizing economies.  The program is interdepartmental, and courses are distributed over several functional areas to meet the demand for graduates with both a broadly-based and an international business education.  The program prepares students for entry and managerial positions in a variety of firms, such as multinational enterprises, export and import companies, international-trade intermediaries, and financial institutions, both in the United States and abroad.

For students with an undergraduate degree in business administration, the program provides the opportunity to internationalize their knowledge of business functions, for students with other undergraduate degrees it complements their core business courses in a similar manner.

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Major Courses    (12 credits)


Choose two of the following five courses:

International Business Analysis 
International Economics I3 credits
International Corporate Finance3 credits
International Business Strategy3 credits
International Marketing Management3 credits

*Required courses completed at the undergraduate or graduate level with grades of B or better can be replaced by international courses from the list below. 

Choose two courses from:

Globalization and Technology3 credits
International Financial Markets3 credits
International Corporate Finance3 credits
International Business Communication 



3 credits
Emerging Markets and the International Business Environment3 credits
The Global Competitiveness of the U.S. Economy3 credits
Foreign Markets, Cultures and Regimes3 credits

International Business Strategy

( MGT 9880)

3 credits
  IBS 9793

 Special Topics in International Business

(formerly  IBS 9768)

3 credits
International Trade and Investment Law3 credits
International Human Resource Management3 credits
International Comparative Management3 credits
  MKT 9737Global Advertising and Marketing Communications3 credits 
International Commodity Trading3 credits
International Trade Operations3 credits
Internet Marketing and Global Business3 credits
Comparative Marketing Systems3 credits
International Marketing Management3 credits
International Logistics3 credits
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