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The MBA program was recently revised and the changes are pending approval of the New York State Education Department, effective spring 2017.  The new MBA curriculum allows students the flexibility to design a program to suit their career objectives whether they are going part-time or full-time, whether or not they have an undergraduate business degree, and whether they are switching careers or advancing in their existing careers.  Through advisement from the Office of Graduate Programs, the Graduate Career Management Center (GCMC), and academic departments prospective and current students would be informed of the potential career paths to which different combinations of courses could lead.  Students will graduate with a general MBA with a concentration/specialization of their own design.

Required Foundational/Fundamental Skills(9 courses; 18 credits)

Business Communication I1.5
Business Communication II: Leadership Communicating Quantitative and Technical Information1.5
Business Communication II: Leadership Communication: Writing and Speaking with Authority1.5
Firms in the Global Economy1.5
Introduction to International Business1.5
Overview of Business Law and Ethics1.5
Business and Society Relationships1.5
Managing People and Organizations3
Managing People and Oranizations3
Managerial Statistics3

Functional Skills( At least 4 courses, determined based on a student's background; 12 credits)*

Financial Reporting3

Financial Accounting Intensive

Information Technology Strategy3
Business Analytics3
Corporate Finance3
Managing Business Operations3
Managing Creativity, Ideation and Innovation in Start-ups and Corporations3
Marketing Management3

*Students in the Full-Time MBA program will take BUS 9601 Business Consulting (3 credits) as one of their four required functional skills courses.

**Accountancy students will take ACC 9112 in place of ACC 9110.

Electives (18 credits)

Students customize their program by selecting 18 credits from among any 9000-level courses given by departments offering courses in the MBA program ( or interdisciplinary courses), including study abroad. Students may select Functional Skills courses in addition to the four courses required in that category. Eligible students may seek a graduate internship to satisfy elective credit. Special conditions apply to the 150 credit hour accountancy program.
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