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Located in the heart of New York City, this is a leadership program for activists, educators and managers in the arts.  It is designed to be both partner and supporter of the city's museums, theaters, galleries and concert halls, and to prepare students for leadership in a range of public, private, and non-profit arts institutions. 

This 36 credit (1.5 to 2 years) MA program is jointly sponsored by the principal components of Baruch: the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences; the Zicklin School of Business; and the School of Public Affairs.  Our faculty members come from many fields, among them fine and performing arts, communication studies, public policy, accounting, management, and organization theory.  Students’ work will include:

  • A core curriculum focused on leadership and management in public, non-profit and commercial arts organizations.  Students will develop competence in finance, resource development, marketing, entertainment law, arts education and outreach, public policy, and advocacy, and they will meet with a wide range of artists, arts professionals, and civic leaders.
  • Electives that encourage students to deepen their knowledge in particular fields: among them, theatre; orchestra and museum management; artist representation; and arts education. Students in the AA program may, with the permission of the Director, include in their coursework as many as two alternative elective Baruch graduate courses of relevance to their program.
  • Internships that offer significant responsibilities and engaged mentors.
  • A consultancy in the final semester with an arts organization, leading to a thesis or case study published online for use by future students and by practitioners in the field.


Courses in Specialization    (36 credits) 
Required Courses                 (21 credits)
FPA 9100

Arts, Culture, and the Civic Environment

3 credits
FPA 9130

Managing in Arts Environments  

3 credits
FPA 9140

Marketing the Arts

Alternative: MKT 9703: Marketing Management

3 credits
FPA 9170

Professional Internship in Arts Administration

3 credits
FPA 9180

Professional Consultancy/Thesis in Arts Administration

3 credits

PAF 9120


Public and Nonprofit Management I

Alternative: MGT 9300 Management: A Behavioral Approach

3 credits 
PAF 9140

Budgeting and Financial Analysis I 

Alternative: ACC 9110: Financial Accounting


PAF 9152: Fund Raising and Grants Administration in Not-for-Profit and Voluntary Organizations

Alternative: MGT 9968: Entrepreneurial Communications: Selling and Negotiating

3 credits 



3 credits

Elective Courses                   (15 credits)
Choose five courses from the following:
FPA 9120

Development and Management of Arts Education Programs

3 credits
FPA 9150

Advanced Practicum in Resource Development for the Arts

3 credits 
FPA 9155

Touring and Presentation of Arts Organizations

3 credits
FPA 9160Audiences and Member Services3 credits 
FPA 9190

Cultural Policy and the Arts

3 credits
FPA 9197

Special Topics in Museum and Gallery Management: Museum Administration

3 credits
FPA 9199

Special Topics in Theatre Management:  Current Issues in Performing Arts Leadership

3 credits


Below is a listing of other relevant courses that may be available for students in the Arts Administration Program. Any of these courses may serve as electives within the programs.

Zicklin School of Business
FIN 9770Financial Decision Making3 credits
LAW 9107Law of Unfair Competition and Intellectual Property3 credits
LAW 9109Law and the Entertainment Business3 credits
MGT 9960Entrepreneurial Strategy and Cases3 credits
MGT 9963Researching and Developing Entrepreneurial Ventures3 credits
MGT 9964Managing the Entrepreneurial Enterprise3 credits
MGT 9965Boards, Governance, and Leadership within Entrepreneurial and Family Firms3 credits
MKT 9701Advertising and Marketing Communications3 credits
School of Public Affairs
PAF 9150 Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector3 credits
PAF 9151Administration of the Nonprofit Sector and Voluntary Agencies3 credits
PAF 9153Budgeting and Finance for Nonprofits 3 credits 
PAF 9157Introduction to Philanthropy3 credits
PAF 9183International Nonprofit Organizations3 credits
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