Approved by the President’s Cabinet on April 20, 2020


In order to provide basic technical services efficiently to non-staff associates and Baruch staff paid by other entities, a Person of Interest (POI) record must be created for them in CUNYfirst.  Creation of this POI record assigns an 8-digit “EMPLID” to the individual, which they can then use to access College services including:

  • E-mail account
  • Listing in Baruch’s Directory
  • ID card
  • Inclusion on campus communication lists
  • CUNYfirst account, and
  • Any other service that requires an EMPLID.


Examples of individuals who need a POI record with EMPLID in CUNYfirst include:

  • Full-Time Staff on the Research Foundation payroll
  • Faculty Retirees who want to retain their Baruch e-mail accounts
  • Chaplains working with Students at the College
  • College Interns
  • Graduate Teaching Fellows
  • Volunteers working with Students or who have an office at the College
  • Part-Time Staff who need CUNYfirst access.


How to Establish a CUNYfirst POI Record with an EMPLID:

To create a POI record in CUNYfirst, the department must complete an Electronic Personnel Action Form (ePAF). The teaching and non-teaching Job Codes for POIs are now available options in Baruch’s ePAF system.  Once this ePAF is fully approved the Office of Human Resources will enter the POI into CUNYfirst and notify the ePAF initiator.  Please note the following regarding POI appointments:

  • The maximum time a POI can be appointed is the length of a fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).
  • The form requires an appointment end date, which will prompt the removal of the POI’s access to the College’s services and systems.
  • To ensure continuity of access across fiscal years or to reinstate service access, the department must submit a new POI ePAF for approval.

When a POI assignment ends prior to the original end date on the ePAF, the department must enter a termination ePAF in the system.  This step is critical if the college is to effectively manage access to its facilities and systems.


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  1. Angel Arcelay

    Please note that according to the Director of Financial Aid, FWS students can't have a staff record/account.  FWS are excluded from being entered as POIs.