Academic Appeals Process

Academic Appeal Forms

The Committee on Academic Standing meets once per month during the fall and spring semesters to review student appeals in academic matters.

These are some of the appeals handled by the committee:

  • Retroactive withdrawal from a class or total resignation (after the semester is over)
  • Permission to drop after the deadline (within the semester)
  • Request for an extension to resolve an INC grade
  • Request for reinstatement if dismissed
  • 3-Time Repeat of a Course
  • Curricular adjustments or waivers of academic rules

All requests should be documented with supporting evidence: medical notes, military papers, etc. The filing of an appeal does not guarantee a favorable decision; the committee weighs all the information presented by the student and arrives at a conclusion based upon the application of College rules and the appropriateness of the request.

Please note:  Appeals often require input/recommendations from offices throughout the college.  Submission of an appeal before the meeting date does not guarantee the request will be considered at that meeting. 

The student is informed in writing of the committee’s decision. Students do not appear before the committee.

The Weissman Committee on Academic Standing is based in the Office of the Associate Dean. Appeals may be submitted via email to (with the subject line ACADEMIC APPEAL) or in person (VC 8-265).

Application (appeal) to the Weissman Committee on Academic Standing

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