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Shahreen Awal

Shahreen Awal,
MA, Mental Health Counseling, ‘17

Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Intership Coordinator, Shiloh Consulting, LLC

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The experiences I gained throughout my time at Baruch College in academics, research, and internships has confirmed that my passion resides in Mental Health Counseling. The Mental Health Counseling program at Baruch College consisted of faculty members who encouraged and challenged me to step out of my comfort zone. The individualized attention I received by faculty members, fostered growth in my clinical, mental, emotional and personal development. In addition to the faculty, the cohort design model generated an environment where I was able to offer and obtain support, as well as learn from my peers, which further served as a catalyst in developing my identity as a counselor.

Furthermore, the courses and internships offered in this program provided me with the training I needed to obtain a license and develop tactics in intervention, prevention and alleviation that is suitable for clients in my clinical work. The program also introduced me to my internship, which allowed me to implement the teachings I learned into practice. The breadth of knowledge and support I received from this program and my internship site offered me with the tools needed for my career development. My internship site is where I currently work now as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor where I conduct individual, group, family and couple’s therapy. In addition to providing therapy, I am also the internship coordinator where I recruit potential candidates who are interested in becoming a therapist and support them in their career development. One of the many things I take away from this program is that I am continuously learning and growing as a counselor, and will continue to build on the tools I received from this program.


Stanley Bahorek, MA, Arts Administration, ‘17

Professor, Musical Theatre, Five Towns College; Lecturer, Princeton University


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The MA Arts Administration program offered a buffet of courses from Financial Decision Making to Theatre Producing Cycle to Nonprofit Management that gave me the assortment of skills needed to succeed in the arts and culture sector as a leader.

Completing the program with student-colleagues with a myriad of work backgrounds led to insights across genres.  Fine arts specialists shared their experience from galleries and museums explaining trends from their field, and colleagues with performing arts backgrounds shared their experience in live events and trends in their field. My education was fortified by this exchange.  These conversations were engaging and often led to breakthrough ideas about how different sectors of the arts could benefit from one another. 

A real asset of this program is that many teachers prioritized guest lecturers. Being located in a city that is overflowing with art, art-makers, and industry experts the program had a monumental responsibility to tap into that swell - and the program did.  The faculty and the students were widely and deeply connected in the industry and offered many opportunities for real, first-hand exposure to organization leadership, data, case studies, and in-person experiences. We often had site-visits (The Public Theatre, The Pekoe Group, The Metropolitan Opera...) that gave us inside perspectives on these organizations.

I learned about my new position from a colleague while chatting at an opening night party.  He asked if he could suggest me as a candidate, and the college contacted me shortly thereafter.

Jeremey Chase

Jeremey Chase,
MA, Mental Health Counseling, ‘16

Psychotherapist at MTZ Counseling

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As a cohort model, I received personal attention from every professor at Baruch.  I was exposed to various modalities and methods utilized in the counseling profession.  I was encouraged to find my own therapeutic "voice" while being trained as an integrative mental health professional. 

This personalized attention has allowed me to graduate at the top of the masters-level mental health field.  I was highly competitive in the NYC environment of ivy-league counseling and social work programs.  Baruch requires direct client contact in the first year with a 100-hour practicum.  This exposure to substance abuse counseling in my first year has been essential to my immediate employment post-graduation.  

I found my current position at MTZ Counseling from a former Baruch classmate who recommended me. I provide individual psychotherapy and counseling in a private practice setting. I specialize in substance misuse, LGBTQ, and Harm-reduction counseling.

Jessica Epstein

Jessica Epstein,
MA, Arts Administration, '18

Story Producer "American Pickers" History Channel, Cineflix Productions

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The MA in Arts Administration program allowed me to connect with a new network of arts administrators throughout NYC and beyond. Due to the program, I was able to closely connect with one of my peers and had the opportunity, with Baruch’s support, to do an internship in Dakar, Senegal. Not only was I able to deepen my academic background in the arts but I was also provided the opportunity to practically apply my skillset in real world situations—from producing a short narrative film, to co-managing an English Arts summer camp, and implementing my capstone consultancy project to assist a NYC young professional arts network organization. Academically, I was able to garner the tools to have a comprehensive understanding of for-profit and non-profit arts organizations.

The program most directly impacted my preparedness to transform arts organizations and assist artists to produce work that is meaningful to them and their communities. Through case studies, site visits, faculty, and guest lecturers I gained insight into various arts businesses and best practices. I also deepened critical skills to organization development such as marketing, budgeting, and management.

I’ve held my current position since prior to beginning the MA in Arts Administration, however, I’ve been able to progress and grow my current role using skills gained in the program.


Omar Imran, MS, Industrial/
Organizational Psychology, ‘18

Tests & Measurement Specialist, NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS)

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The I/O Psychology program at Baruch College’s Weissman School of Arts and Sciences is one of the best programs in NYC. The program has impacted me in many ways- academically, professionally and personally.  I learned from some of the best, experienced, professors in the field of I/O Psychology, was given great professional help and advice from professors and career services, participated in many networking opportunities, and made lifelong friends.

I was able to learn about concepts and trends in I/O psychology in the classroom as well as apply them in the workforce.  I landed many internships as well as my current fulltime job through utilizing Weissman Graduate Career Services.  I am now working as a Tests & Measurement Specialist with the NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS).

Shante James

Shante James,
MS, Industrial/ Organizational Psychology, '18

Tests & Measurement Specialist NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS)

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Enrolling in Baruch’s Industrial/Organizational Psychology program was such an amazing experience. It all started when I attended the orientation to the program during the Fall of 2015 when I realized I needed to have a seat in the Spring 2016 class. I loved the idea of progressing through the program with a cohort of peers who I would be given the chance to learn from and grow with. When I started the program, I was sure that I would lean more towards the Organizational side, but I was lucky enough to take the Psychometrics and Personnel Psychology courses, which completely changed my outlook on the field. Those courses were taught by two of the most brilliant professors I have ever had the opportunity to learn from. They taught me, through their real life experiences, how to take what you've learned from textbooks and put it into practice. Baruch's professors are not only there to teach you, but to expose you to the many ways that I/O is applied in the real world.

During my time as a student at Baruch, I landed an amazing internship opportunity at MTA Headquarters, through WSAS Graduate Career Services, as a Change Management and Organizational Development Support Aide. This was a very competitive internship program that required me to take a spreadsheet of data, analyze and interpret it, come to various conclusions, and create a PowerPoint slide deck on my findings with proposed solutions to the issues I came across. I was successful because I knew how to apply all that I learned, from my professors, and the different scenarios that come up in the workplace. Currently, I am a Tests & Measurement Specialist at The Department of Citywide Administrative Services where my job is to develop, validate, and administer civil service examinations for the City of New York. I also learned about this position through WSAS Graduate Career Services.

Khiara MacMill

Khiara McMillin,
MA, Corporate Communication, ‘16

Senior Account Executive, Corporate & Public Affairs, Edelman – New York office

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Baruch’s MA Corporate Communication program genuinely helped me grow both personally and professionally. I have made important contacts and friends for life who have both equally enlightened me in deciding the career path I want to pursue. I also had the opportunity to be mentored by two excellent and extremely qualified professors who helped me excel in my areas of interest. The combination of theory, practical application and creativity in the classroom helped me to apply what I learned to what I do every day at work.

I learned about my current position from a recruiter who reached out to me via LinkedIn, where I work as a Senior Account Executive, Corporate & Public Affairs, Edelman – New York office.

John Martin

John Martin,
MA, Corporate Communication, ‘16

Public Information Officer,
United States Department of Justice

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After working in the communications field for a number of years, I was looking to gain a deeper understanding of my role as a communications professional. The M.A. in Corporate Communication program provided me with the knowledge and skills to advance my career, and helped me understand how professional communicators can and should guide an organization's overall strategy. There is no question that my graduate studies at Baruch helped me advance within the federal government.

I began the M.A. program while serving as a press officer for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. As I was entering my final semester at Baruch, I was offered a position with the U.S. Department of Justice, where I now coordinate communications for all immigration courts in the northeast.

Nicholas Ledner

Nicholas Ledner, MA, Corporate Communication,'16

Social & Digital Media Manager
East and Southern Africa Regional Office, UNICEF 

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The professors were engaging, smart, and compassionate.  I learned a great deal about the art of communication and how to take it seriously.  We reviewed many case studies and scenarios about major corporations and their communication policies and campaigns.  I also appreciated that I was able to complete the program at my own pace; I had time to work on a variety of topics and subjects that I was excited about.  I did my thesis on Online Dating Racism, and enjoyed courses in Corporation and Cinema, Work Life Balance, and International Communication.  I also improved on how to follow directions, work with other students, and be more humble! 

I saw an internship on Idealist.org with UNICEF for their Youth Team.  It was for a project focusing on connecting climate activists and allowing them to speak together through a portal.  I also realized that UNICEF had a slight gap with their social media, so I created a niche for myself in that arena, which resulted in a consultancy.  That was seven years ago, and I'm still with UNICEF but now in Nairobi, Africa.

Jess Rigos

Jess Rigos,
MS, Industrial/  Organizational Psychology, ‘18

Learning and Organizational Development Specialist, Nippon Express USA

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I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to study I-O psychology alongside the esteemed faculty and dedicated student body of Baruch College. Baruch College, Weissman School of Arts and Sciences is a leading institution in the field of I-O Psychology and has produced a renowned body of research that has influenced academia and industry alike. As an undergraduate and masters student, I was afforded the opportunity to gain invaluable research experience and learn the applied aspects of I-O psychology from faculty and adjunct professors who are experts in the field. These various experiences have enabled me to be successful and reach my goal of being accepted into a doctoral program in Applied Organizational Psychology and become an adjunct professor.

The Weissman School of Arts and Sciences also generously offers many career development services and workshops that helped me to develop my business acumen and become a more attractive job candidate. I found my current job as a Learning and Organizational Development Specialist at Nippon Express USA, a leading global logistics company, through Weissman Graduate Career Services. In this role, I am able to apply the knowledge and skills I acquired in my time at Baruch to facilitate employee development and drive organizational results.

Edwin Tintin

Edwin Tintin,
MA, Corporate Communication, ‘17 

Public Information Intern, United Nations Headquarters

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After working for several years in the journalism industry, I decided to advance my career by enrolling at the City University of New York - Baruch College. The M.A. in Corporate Communication program broadened my perspective.  I learned about both internal and external communications― from theoretical and practical approaches that were eloquently delivered through lectures and simulations.  I also found the presentations, individual and group projects very useful and applicable.    

Upon completion of the program, I landed an internship at United Nations Headquarters, New York.  I currently work as a Public Information Intern in the Department of Public Information, where I write articles, press releases and feature stories related to global issues and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  I also draft speeches, create and develop weekly social media content, and draft, format, edit and post original web site content/news stories.

Angelica Wilson

Angelica Wilson, MA, Arts Administration, ‘17

Arts Ambassador, Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) 

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The MA in Arts Administration program provided me the opportunity to broaden my professional network both laterally and vertically.  I was able to meet professionals that I heard about including Gina Gibney, of the Gibney Dance Company, staff members at BAM, as well as classmates who had a wealth of experiences in different areas of the arts. 

The ability to customize the electives also helped me understand the professional world within and outside of artistic environments.  Taking courses from all 3 graduate schools was beneficial.  I got to dip into various areas of HR with Professor Ryan Smith of the Marxe School, while in the Weissman School, I learned about marketing with Professor Amanda Pekoe. 

I will begin a position as a Marketing Intern, with the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), which I learned about through the Art Ambassadors Program from the Baruch Performing Arts Center.


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