Latin American and Caribbean Studies

As a Minor

This interdisciplinary program examines historical, political, cultural, and socioeconomic conditions of the Latin American and Caribbean regions. The program will prepare students for pursuing careers in a wide range of fields. It will also allow students to gain a recognition of the economic opportunities that exist in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Paul André Feit Fund sponsors Latin American, Latino and Caribbean events at Baruch. In addition to an annual lecture by a distinguished scholar in the field, the fund sponsors lectures, field trips and students events.


The LACS Tier III minor consists of nine credits. Students must take one required course, Latin America and the Caribbean: Cultures and Societies (LACS 4900), and the remaining credits must be selected from different participating departments: Black and Latino Studies, Communication Studies, English, Fine and Performing Arts, History, Modern Languages and Comparative Literature, Political Science, and Sociology and Anthropology. One Feit Seminar on Latin American and Caribbean cultures and societies may replace one of the courses toward the minor.

For specific course information check the current Student Bulletin.


Elena M. Martínez, Chairperson of Modern Languages, 646-312-4213

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