Asian and Asian American Studies

As an Ad Hoc Major

Students can combine Asian and Asian American studies courses with other liberal arts disciplines as well as courses in international business to devise a unique arts and sciences ad hoc major requiring 30–33 credits. The program must be approved by the chairpersons of the appropriate departments and the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences. Students interested in including Asian and Asian American studies courses as part of this major should arrange to meet with a faculty advisor (see below).

As a Minor

The minor in Asian and Asian American studies is an interdisciplinary concentration offering the advanced study of Asian cultures and the histories and experiences of communities of Asian descent residing in the United States. This 9-credit minor is an ideal choice for students majoring in accounting, business, finance, management, or any discipline in the liberal arts. This minor is particularly recommended for students who are preparing for careers in education, law, business, social work, journalism, politics, and nonprofit organizations.

To fulfill the college-wide requirement for the Tier III minor with a concentration in Asian and Asian American studies, students who declare the AAAS minor before Fall 2009 are required to complete HIS/AAS 3080, as well as one of the approved elective courses numbered 3000 and higher (listed below) and the capstone course in Asian and Asian American Studies. However, students who obtain a waiver from one of the program co-chairs can substitute an approved elective course numbered 3000 or higher for HIS/AAS 3080.

Beginning in fall 2009, HIS/AAS 3080 will no longer be a required course. Students who declare the AAAS minor in Fall 2009 or after are required to take two of the approved elective courses numbered 3000 and higher and the capstone. In addition to fulfilling the 9-credit requirement, students interested in the Asian and Asian American studies minor are strongly advised to take at least one year of Chinese or Japanese language courses.

For more information check the current Bulletin.

Shigeru Suzuki
Program Director

The City University of New York