Film Studies

As a Minor

The Film Studies minor offers students an interdisciplinary program suitable for both Business and Liberal Arts and Sciences students who have an interest in developing an understanding of film as a medium as well as its relationship to social movements, national cultures, and related artistic forms.

Students minoring in film acquire skills for analyzing mainstream film texts as well as those arising from alternative models of production and distribution. The program surveys the evolution of international film from its origins at the end of the nineteenth century to its current status as a vital and economically powerful contemporary art form. In order to complete a Minor in Film Studies, students must take three courses, one of which must be FLM 3001 (History of Film I), FLM 3002 (History of Film II), or ENG 3260 (The Art of Film); one 3000 or 4000 level course from the list of approved electives; and FLM 4900 (Critical Approaches to Film).

Courses offered in Fall 2012.

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Contact: Professor Isolina Ballesteros, (646) 312-4225


  • ART 3244 The Influence of Visual Arts on Film
  • CHI 4183 Chinese Cinema (taught in Chinese)
  • COM 3059 Video Communication and Production
  • ENG 3260 The Art of Film
  • ENG 3270 Film and Literature
  • ENG 3285 Women in Film
  • ENG 3940 Topics in Film
  • FLM 3001 History of Film I
  • FLM 3002 History of Film II
  • FRE 4503 Contemporary French Cinema and Society (taught in French)
  • JRN 3280 Documentary Film
  • JRN 3650 Film Writing Workshop
  • LTT 3151 History of French Cinema
  • LTT/FLM/LACS 4100 Migrations and Border Crossing in “Immigration Film”
  • MSC 3034 Music in Films
  • SPA 4183 Spanish Film: Cinematic Representations of the Spanish Artistic Tradition (taught in Spanish)
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