Leadership and Motivation Lab

The purpose of the lab is to investigate work behavior using theory and methods from I/O psychology, social psychology, human motivation, and cognitive psychology. Leadership is a prime focus but other areas of interest include employee motivation and performance, stress and burnout, learning, self-regulation, and emotions.

Recent projects include the examination of how leader verbal and nonverbal communications elicit motivational orientations in followers which influence their subsequent work performance, an investigation of rhetoric in political leadership, and the effects of leader emotions, goal orientations, and framing on follower individual and group level performance, and the impact of motivational dispositions on workplace health and learning.

Doctoral, Master, and undergraduate students all play vital roles in helping to design and carry out the psychological research conducted in the lab.

If you are interested in applying to join the lab please e-mail Loren.Naidoo@Baruch.cuny.edu with a resume, an unofficial copy of your academic transcript(s), and a short description of why you would like to work in the lab (e.g., what your goals are).

Doctoral Students:

Roxanne Levenberg
Rafi Prager
Mike Denunzio
Jeremy Rothstein

Past and Current Masters and Undergraduate Students:

Laura Abreu
Adrian Acosta
Hilary Brandman
Dinah Camilleri **Congratulations to Dinah for being accepted into the Florida Institute of Technology I/O PhD program!**
Melissa Carbuccia
Kirsten Carroll
Sylvester Cetina
Allison Chaname
Michelle Damdinsuren
Alicia DeCriscio
Clemente Diaz **Congratulations to Clemente for being accepted into the Brooklyn College I/O MA program!**
Megan Engellman
Arthur Erenburg
Andrea Gaye **Congratulations to Andrea for being accepted into the U. Albany I/O PhD program!**
Rachel Goldstein
Debra Hoffman **Congratulations to Debbie for being accepted into the Bowling Green Clinical PhD program!**
Laura Kandelshein
Cara Kantrowitz
Navjit Kaur
Namwoo Kim
Anne Lau
Darren Lin
Jim Liriano
Melissa Lok
Kat Malkova
Patrick Mancuso
Andrew Martins **Congratulations to Andrew for being accepted into the Hofstra I/O PhD program!**
Nimmy Mathew
Xhana Metaj
Adam Musah
Naomi Napitupulu
Orly Neumann
Ozlem Oguz **Congratulations Ozzie for being accepted into the Brooklyn College School Psychology MS program!**
Tatyana Parakhnevich
Liuba Phillips **Congratulations to Liuba for being accepted into the Hofstra I/O PhD program!**
Jenny Postnikova
Jessica Radziulis
Lital Ratzon
LoriAnn Shaheen
Christy Smith**Congratulations to Christy for being accepted into the I/O PhD program at Colorado State!**
Tanja Stepanovich
Magdalena Sulewska
Nicole Tabares
Robert Vocile
QiQi (Tracy) Zhang

Dr. Loren J. Naidoo
Office: VC 8-287
Lab: VC8-145
Phone: 646-312-3834
Email: Loren.Naidoo@Baruch.cuny.edu

The City University of New York