PSY 5030 - Research Practicum in Psychology

Brief Course Description:

This course provides students with hands-on experience in psychological research. Students work under the direct supervision of a single faculty member. They participate in a variety of research activities pertaining to the collection and analysis of data and learn about emerging issues in specific areas of psychological research. This is an elective course graded on a pass/fail basis. Students may take a total of up to 9 credits over three semesters, although completion of the three-semester sequence is not required and only one of the three courses may be taken each semester. A total of three, and only three, credits can be applied toward the Psychology major or minor.

Current Research Practicum Opportunities

Who Should Register for this Course?

Any student who is considering graduate school or other advanced professional training (e.g., medical or law school) should complete at least one semester of research practicum. Also, any student interested in pursuing careers in research-oriented fields (e.g., market research, biotechnology) should complete a research practicum.


PSY 1001, one additional course in psychology, and faculty member permission.

Evaluative Criteria:

This course is offered on a pass/fail basis. Students are allowed to register for between one and three credits. Each credit equates to spending three hours per week working in the research lab of a faculty member.

All students registered in this course are required to complete CUNY's computer-based human subjects training program called CITI.

At the end of the term, each student is required to write a brief paper that reviews the theoretical background, hypotheses, methods, and results (if appropriate) of the research on which he or she was working during the term. The paper must also include a self-assessment in which the student critically reflects on the skills and knowledge that he or she developed over the semester.

How do I Register?

Students register for the practicum with an individual psychology faculty member (current opportunities). Students should contact the faculty member that they wish to work with to discuss the opportunity. If appropriate, the faculty member will provide permission for the course and the registration codes.

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