The Everyday Problem Solving Lab

Daniele Artistico
Room VC 7-173

In my Lab we are mostly concerned about answering why people get “stuck” when solving problems and how to help them to tackle blocks to their intended pursuits.

Most Americans, for example, lament they would like to engage more frequently in physical activity, yet they often say: “it is impossible to fit another thing to do in my day.”  We are currently working on the understanding of what is an implicit block to regular physical activity to really tap into the root cause of the problem. We have developed scientific methods for uncovering hidden motives as to why one chooses a sedentary life. The preliminary results of our research show that blocks to engaging in physical activity go beyond schedule constraints, vary between people, and are uniquely personal. Within the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU), we are also interested in several areas of personality development and basic cognitive functioning across the lifespan. Guidance for new lab members is offered within a mentorship program rich in hands-on experience.  Therefore, students are welcome to partake in our intellectual dialogue by attending to meetings, proposing research questions, and participating in the conducting of research procedures.  It is possible to do so by using the 5030 mechanisms or more informally inquiring with us about volunteering opportunities that periodically arise.

Please contact us for more information about joining the lab and current projects.


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