Occupational Health Psychology Lab

The research of the Occupational Health Psychology lab focuses on the potential consequences of stressful job conditions. Research studies in this lab focus on how stressful job conditions can impact psychological health (anxiety, emotions, job attitudes) and physical health (pain, safety) of organization members. Further, our lab is interested in a variety of aspects of job performance, including behaviors that benefit the organization (such as altruism and helpfulness) and behaviors that have negative consequences for the organization (such as theft and sabotage). We also conduct research on the predictors of health and safety behaviors of employees (i.e., exercising, alcohol use, complying with safety practices and protocols). 

Research Projects Currently Conducted at the Lab

We currently have several projects running in the lab. We are collecting data for a study exploring how people who feel “called” to their work experience workplace stress. We are also currently examining how daily stressors impact exercise, alcohol use, and emotions through a daily diary study in which 120 employees were followed over two workweeks. We are working on a project exploring the role of social support from different sources in workplace stress reactions. We are investigating how the feeling of needing to constantly be available to work -at all hours- by email, phone, etc. impacts the ability for employees to detach from work. We are looking at daily social media use at work. We are conducting a large scale meta-analysis on employee well-being, among many other projects.

Lab People

Erin Eatough, PhD 

Lab Manager:

Danielle Wald

PhD. Students:

Danielle Wald

Rachel Omansky

Brad Gray

Marino Mugayar-Baldocchi

Jeremiah McMillan

Ethan Rothstein

Peter Yu

Cristina Arroyo

Masters Students

Rita Desyatnik

Gabi Henn

Renee Cotsis

Jenna Roman

Post-Baccalaureate Students:

Richard Gasparre

Undergraduate Students:

Aditi Kalani

Weiwen Nie

Yulieth Galindo

Elizabeth Guzman

Intel Social Science Competition High School Student Researcher:

Tehani R. Gunaratna (Bronx High School of Science)

 Occupational Health Psychology Lab








Contact us at:

Occupational Health Psychology Lab VC 8-115

C/O Erin Eatough, Ph.D.

Department of Psychology, Baruch College

One Bernard Baruch Way, Box B-8215

New York, NY 10010

Email: erin.m.eatough@gmail.com

Personal web-page: http://www.baruch.cuny.edu/wsas/academics/psychology/eeatough.htm

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