A Distinguished Faculty

Full-Time Faculty

  • photo of Eric MandelbaumEric Mandelbaum
    Associate Professor, PhD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Psychology, Epistemology.

  • photo of Hagop SarkissianHagop Sarkissian
    Associate Professor, PhD, Duke University. Ethics; Philosophy of Psychology; Chinese Philosophy.
  • photo of Sandeep SreekumarSandeep Sreekumar
    Assistant Professor, DPhil, Oxford University.
    Ethics, Philosophy of Law.
  • photo of Thomas TeufelThomas Teufel
    Associate Professor & Chair
    PhD, Harvard University.
    Kant, Modern Philosophy.
  • Staff



Post-Doctoral (AY 2018-2019)

Image result for briana tooleBriana Toole
WSAS Post-Doc, PhD, University of Texas

Temporary Appointments (AY 2018-2019)

 Yuval Abrams
Substitute Lecturer, LL.M., NYU

 Lauren Alpert
Substitute Lecturer, M.A., CUNY GC

 Cory Alexander Evans
3-Year Appointment, PhD, CUNY GC

photo of Sandeep SreekumarJan Gerritt Kamperdyk
3-Year Appointment, M.A., CUNY GC

photo of Amy Elizabeth TrautweinAmy Elizabeth Trautwein
3-Year Appointment, PhD, University of Iowa


Graduate Teaching Fellows (AY 2018-19)


Adjunct Professors (AY 2018-2019)

  • photo of Gregory TaylorR. Gregory Taylor
    Adjunct Assistant Professor, PhD, Columbia University. Logic, Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics.


  • photo of William J. EarleWilliam J. Earle
    Professor, PhD, Columbia University. Metaphysics; Contemporary Philosophy (Analytical and Continental).
  • photo of Sibyl SchwarzenbachSibyl Schwarzenbach
    Professor, PhD, Harvard University.
    Ethics, Political Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy.


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