The Philosophical Forum


A Quarterly Journal

The Philosophical Forum
is a quarterly, internationally circulating philosophical journal, originally published from 1943 - 1964, and continuously since 1968. The Forum is well known for its openness to applied contexts of philosophy and its encouragement of innovative approaches to philosophy. It has been at Baruch College, in the care of the Department of Philosophy, since 1983, when it was brought to Baruch, from Boston University, by Marx Wartofsky. The current editor is Douglas Lackey.

The journal publishes in the usual areas of cutting edge philosophical research. It also regularly publishes special issues of contemporary studies on topics of current interest, e.g., on "African American Perspectives and Philosophical Traditions," (subsequently published by Routledge as a book), and also on the Holocaust, Latin American Philosophy, Apartheid, Women and Philosophy, Islamic Philosophy, and Sociobiology, as well as special issues on major contemporary philosophers, e.g., Lucien Goldman, Georg Lukacs, Walter Benjamin, and classic figures such as Kant, Fichte, Feuerbach, Gramsci, and the Left-Hegelians.

The City University of New York