J. Stephen Gosnell

J. Stephen Gosnell

Assistant Professor of Environmental Science


Email: stephen.gosnell@baruch.cuny.edu
Phone: 646-660-6230


A native of South Carolina, Stephen completed his undergraduate degree in biological sciences at Clemson University before continuing on to degrees in statistics (MA) and the ecology, evolution, and marine biology program (MA, PhD) at the University of California, Santa Barbara.  After completing postdoctoral positions at the UCSB Marine Science Institute and the Florida State University Coastal and Marine Laboratory, he joined Baruch College and the CUNY Graduate Faculty in Biology (Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior subprogram) as an assistant professor in 2014.   

Research Interests

Dr. Gosnell's work focuses on understanding the mechanisms that drive patterns in diversity (including impacts of human activities), how diversity impacts ecosystem functioning and ecosystem services, and how ecology can inform, motivate, and learn from management actions. In order to consider these issues across multiple scales, his lab employs and connects field, lab, and quantitative techniques in various communities.  Most of the lab's field projects focus on understanding, restoring, and conserving coastal marine communities (e.g., oyster reefs, salt marshes, seagrass meadows), while lab and computational work explore topics including oil spill effects, diversity in hyperdiverse systems such as kelp forests and rain forests, and the practice of species reintroductions.  He is also interested in communicating research findings to stakeholders and finding ways to connect education and research.  

There are openings for new students (undergraduate and graduate) in the lab who share similar interests.  Interested students should contact Dr. Gosnell at stephen.gosnell@baruch.cuny.edu; you can also find more information at http://www.jstephengosnell.com/

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