John H. Wahlert

General Biology and Anatomy

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Dr. Wahlert and friendJohn H. Wahlert, Ph.D., Harvard University (Vertebrate Paleontology), is a paleontologist who investigates the interrelationships of rodents based chiefly on cranial anatomy. His articles are published in American Museum Novitates and elsewhere. Research is carried out in the Mammalogy and the Vertebrate Paleontology Departments at the American Museum of Natural History.

Dr. Wahlert has arranged for students to conduct honors research there under his direction at the Museum. Dr. Wahlert served for six years as Chair of the Natural Sciences Department and for three years as Chair of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences Personnel and Budget Committee.

Professor Wahlert is a member of the CUNY Graduate Faculty in Biology—specialization in Ecology, Evolutionary Biology and Behavior (EEB). He teaches a graduate course on Mammalogy and compiled a bibliography of classic works on mammals, which is available on the Museum of Natural History web site. He is also a Resource Faculty member of the New York Consortium in Evolutionary Primatology.


“My research investigation into the relationships of living and extinct rodents began when I was an undergraduate at Amherst College and wrote an Honors Thesis on the microstructure of incisor enamel in fossil rodents. I shifted my focus to the examination of cranial foramina (holes in the skull) for my Ph.D. thesis. My most influential publication was a portion of my dissertation published by the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University, in 1974. In this paper, I built on the work of others to establish a nomenclature for the description of cranial foramina in the most primitive rodents. The latest publication in this series concerns the ear bone of an early fossil rodent from North America.”

On a humorous note, an extinct beaver, Palaeocastor wahlerti, was recently described and named by Dr. William Korth.

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