Prof. Chester ZarnochChester Zarnoch

Assistant Professor of Environment
Phone: (646) 660-6239
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My general interests are in shellfish biology, aquaculture, and marine ecology.  My research has primarily focused on bivalve aquaculture and restoration.  I study the physiological ecology of bivalves in order to address issues hindering the success of bivalve restoration efforts as well as bottlenecks in the aquaculture industry.  An issue that I have worked on extensively is the over-winter mortality of juvenile hard clams.

I collaborate with Brooklyn College’s Aquatic Research and Environmental Assessment Center (AREAC) on a number of research programs including the early growth of horseshoe crabs and urban aquaculture.


I currently teach ‘Principles of Ecology’ (ENV_1020) and ‘Introduction to Environmental Science’ (ENV_3001).  In these courses I strive for my students to understand how ecosystems work so that they have the knowledge to appreciate and protect ecological systems.  I encourage undergraduate students to participate in my research as there are opportunities to do work in the field and in my laboratory at Baruch College.

Please contact me to learn more about my research and teaching activities.

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