Mission Statement of the Natural Sciences Department

Natural Sciences is an integrated department consisting of biology, chemistry, environmental studies, and physics. The mission of the Department is threefold: (1) to engage all students in the scientific enterprise through hands-on learning, enabling them to become scientifically literate citizens who are able to make informed decisions about public policy issues; (2) to prepare students for admission to and success in graduate and professional schools and for entry into the scientific workforce; and (3) to promote innovative faculty research on campus that advances science while enhancing teaching and providing research opportunities at Baruch College for our students.


Hands-on experience in the laboratory and field is the cornerstone of science learning. Accordingly, in every science course, all students are active participants in designing and performing experiments, observing and recording results, tabulating and graphing data, and communicating results and conclusions in oral and written formats. Students thereby apply and refine skills also learned in their non-science courses, such as mathematics, English, and communications. The problem solving and reasoning skills learned in science courses will be essential to them as future business and community leaders, scientists, and teachers.

In collaboration with our faculty members, students who choose science as a major or minor can tailor a program that suits their individual academic and career goals and can design research projects that take advantage of the wide range of expertise and specializations of our faculty.

Faculty research on campus enables us to achieve mission goals 1 and 2. All students may see professional research first-hand in supplement of classes; majors and minors can participate directly in research at Baruch College. Faculty members, who engage in research, increase scientific knowledge, fulfill their personal and professional goals, and bring enthusiasm and excitement into teaching.

(Unanimously adopted by Natural Sciences faculty on 3/23/09)

The City University of New York