Baruch's chemistry professors have established a strong track record of research with undergraduate collaborators.  With expertise in Organic Synthesis, Computational Chemistry, X-ray Crystallography, Bio-Inorganic Chemistry, and Protein Biochemistry, our faculty have mentored numerous Independent Study students, Honors Thesis writers, and Jonas E. Salk Scholarship winners.  Professors Greer, Ramig, and Szalda collaborate in researching the chemical and physical properties of pharmaceutical-related molecules.  Their joint efforts continue to produce articles in chemical journals with student co-authors, as well as presentations at scientific conferences.  Professor Kulatilleke investigates the feasibility of synthetic ligands as potential heavy-metal chelators.  Professor Gaffney investigates inhibition of the matrix metalloproteinases, a class of enzymes implicated in cancer.  Our faculty are heavily involved in collaborations with researchers inside and outside CUNY.

Students can create an ad hoc Chemistry minor or major with such advanced courses as Organic Chemistry II, Biochemistry, and Medicinal Chemistry.  All of these are taught in a small-classroom atmosphere.  Physical Chemistry and other required courses can be taken at another CUNY college campus.  Students will be prepared to apply to medical/dental schools, and to graduate programs in Chemistry.

Chemistry Faculty

ChemistryJean P. Gaffney
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

The City University of New York