Life and Physical Science meet in the Department

The Department of Natural Sciences is home to faculty from the areas of life science (biology and environmental science), chemistry, and physics. With research topics including oyster restoration, biofluorescence, cancer treatment, drug synthesis, and high energy physics, our faculty members often conduct interdisciplinary research that crosses the boundary between these areas and other departments on campus.

Scheduling Update Given Campus Closures

For help with registration and permissions for fall and summer courses, please email and They will need your EMP ID #. Be specific as to the course and section you would like.

If you are registering for a Pathways pair of co-requisite science courses, made sure that the section codes for recitation/lecture (L) and lab match, e.g. STRA for recitation and STRA for lab. If you need just one part, the stand-alone sections end with the letter X and you need permission.

Students work local conservation group in NYC Park

Students in Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development work with NYC Parks and a local environmental group on a restoration project. Photo by Mitch Waxman.


Majors, Minors, and Course Information

The Department houses the Biological Sciences major and minors in Chemistry, Physics, and Environmental Sustainability (in collaboration with other departments in the Weissman School for Arts and Science and the Zicklin School of business), as well as an ad hoc major in the Natural Sciences and a Natural Sciences minor that can be designed to address specific intellectual interests or career objectives.  Through experiences that occur in and out of the classroom, the Department strives to provide educational and research experiences that are rich with opportunities and challenges and that foster an understanding of the scientific method of learning.  Students benefit from small class sizes and courses that take advantage of natural and historical sites throughout the city. Check out the Student Research Opportunities Page for chances to get engaged outside of the classroom.

Our programs and courses prepare students for entry into professional schools of medicine, dentistry, and other health care fields.  The Department has an active Biomed Society that focuses on helping students learn more about medical professions, network with local groups, and navigate the professional school application process.   Check here for more information on department recommendation for students interested in professional school.  Also, check here for information on acceptance rates and a list of medical and dental schools our students attend. 

We also prepare students for graduate study in the natural sciences or their teaching and provide a space for non-major students to grow in scientific literacy and understanding of the natural world as part of their Baruch education.  Our faculty also accept graduate students through the CUNY Graduate School programs in Physics, Biology, and Chemistry.

Students interested in puruing majors, minors, or classes within the department should contact Sonia Donaldson in the Department offices, located in room 920 of the 17 Lexington Avenue Building. Students interesting in graduate studies should contact potenial mentors directly.

Updates and Recent Accolades

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ATTN: Students in Baruch College Natural Sciences Department

Prof. Sarah Bengston, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science, Natural Sciences is the home mentor for the LSAMP Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program organized by the Organization for Tropical Studies

Please read the following message from Prof. Bengston about a wonderful research opportunity for Baruch College Science students. If you are interested, please contact Prof. Bengston,

I've recently become the home mentor for the LSAMP Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program organized by the Organization for Tropical Studies ( This is an 8 week research program in Costa Rica, where students work directly with a research mentor at a fully equipped research station to develop and conduct independent research. Also included are tours of areas of interest in Costa Rica, including organic coffee farms and lands belonging to the Indigenous Peoples. 

The purpose of this program is to encourage retention of folks who identify as Underrepresented Minorities in STEM. This program is fully funded including transportation, research supplies, airfare, station fees, food and housing, etc. Accepted applicants additionally receive a $550 weekly stipend that they can keep or send home to their families. They can also receive travel money to present their research at a conference. Students should be interested in grad school and must not be graduating this Spring (but as early as next winter is fine!).




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