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Professor 18th century England; social history; history of sexuality


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Randolph Trumbach (Ph.D. Johns Hopkins), was born in Belize, and raised in New Orleans. He studies the origins in the 18th century of the modern western culture of the last three hundred years, concentrating on the family, sexuality, and religion. He has published The Rise of the Egalitarian Family (1978) and Sex and the Gender Revolution Vol. 1: Heterosexuality and the Third Gender in Enlightenment London (1998). Volume 2, The Origins of Modern Homosexuality, will summarize and revise his 15 papers on the subject. He teaches courses on western civilization (the Greeks, the Jews, and Jesus) on the history of homosexuality, on 18th-century Europe, and on the life of Jesus. He is interested in the ways “private life” changes society as opposed to economic or political factors.

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"A first-rate, thorough study of the impact of the 'gender revolution' on the sexual lives and practices of eighteenth-century Londoners. This, the first volume of Trumbach's long-awaited study is a highly original, important, and provocative work. It is sure to be both essential and controversial reading for anyone interested in the history of gender." — Kathleen Wilson, author of The Sense of the People: Politics, Culture and Imperialism in England, 1715-1785.

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