Prof. Amina El-Annan

Amina El-Annan


Location: VC 7-247
Phone: (646) 312-3982


Amina El-Annan is an Assistant Professor of English. She received her BA from the University of California-Los Angeles and her PhD from Yale University. Her scholarship and teaching interests include globalization and culture; U.S. literature and culture in it’s international context; contemporary American literature; the circulation of culture in the Middle East; transnationalism; and the role of art, film, and fiction in social movements. Her current research explores the meaning of empathy, with a particular focus on cross-cultural empathy. Her book manuscript, Multiple Orients: Urban Dream Maps, Creative Currency and the Countercultures of Modernity, explores the interrelationship between emergent digital technologies, new genres of literature about globalization, and the politics of affect and sentiment, with a particular focus on transnational methodology as a means for uncovering different types of humanism---born of survival, poverty, and of anti war struggles. She is a former visiting fellow for the Ethnicity, Race, & Migration program at Yale University. 

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